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I was thinking about Nevs awesome idea (Nev is awesome but old (so JY told me) ) as to the Christmas Case swap ... how does a Christmas in July swap sound ... I had an idea because it is so damn cold in Perth ... perhaps we could do a massive Imperial Stout brewathon during the day with a bit of Funky had nude pole dancing by JYO ( a sight for Nevs eyes) and a bit of a feed (BBQ - maybe some fish and steak) in a reasonably central location ??

Thoughts ??? I will work out cost of the brew considering numbers and post it tomorrow ...

Everyone goes home with a cube of beer ... 31 attendees .... 1 block will be raffled off ... for Charity obviously... open to all !!!

Happy to hear Arrrggghhhs ... but as only a few of you know I am deaf so speak really LOUD ...ok !!!


Perhaps in Leederville .. there is a little bar I know there ... might be interested in a quiet afternoons activity ...


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