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  • Hi there, I'd like to up my advertising and wondered if you had any packages available? Affiliate programs, sponsored posts etc. I see that you have been running with Brewfather for some time - do you have any other similar slots?


    I will have someone email your email from your files here and discuss what we can do for you. Look for it later today (Friday) or no later than Monday.
    I was mistakenly blocked because of "Spam". I’d never posted since 2013, just lurked. I posted a message asking for help but got banned. I can’t contact an admin, so had to create a new account to post this. Can I please get my old account unblocked? Username "Starganderfish". Sorry if its against the rules to create a new account, but I spent 3 months trying to work out any other way to contact the site admins
    Hi Admin, how can I change my username? it used to be J_Keefy84 or something like that, but when I posted something for the first time, it posted as my email
    I have changed your name. Remember to use this new name when logging in.
    Hi admin,
    I am trying to give away some free grolsh swing top bottles.
    There are two members interested but as a new member I can't send them a pm with my address.
    Is there any way I can do this?
    I just approved more of your posts, so you should be able to have private conversations now. Let me know if you still cannot send a private conversation.
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    Hi Austin

    This is Dan at Keg King.

    We'd like to renew our membership/sponsorship of the fourms.

    I can see we had retail ability in the past.

    What is required to get our logo on banners/etc?

    What are the costs involved?

    BTW I didn't mean to promote us in the Keg King discussion earlier. Just wanted to set the record straight that despite some changes, it's business as usual.
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