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G'day, I'm living back in Coniston after spending a few years in Melbourne. Any chance I could be added to the IBU page?

Just wondering if you still supply these, and how much for one sent to sydney, assembled. Thanks
Hi, just read your post about Tooheys old. had a mate round last week for a tasting, 3 ag ales, 3 extract ales, a lager, a cider, and a ginger beer (blame the wife) anyway he usually drinks old and declared tap number 3 "the business" https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/the-dark-monk.html is what was on tap 3, not sure how close it is to old just an fyi. Cheers Grahame
Hey mate, I am keen on that controller please. Let me know where to send the money and I will get it to you asap. Kind regards dave