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  • Crusty
    Crusty replied to the thread Motion Dynamics Mill Motor Wiring.
    Can someone that's wired up their Motion Dynamics mill motor show me what wires they put where from the variable speed pot to the little...
  • M
    Madscientist86 reacted to Nullnvoid's post in the thread AHB App - Gone with Like Like.
    Now that the app has gone, is it going to be replaced? And what security concerns were there? This came right out of the blue...
  • M
    Madscientist86 replied to the thread AHB App - Gone.
    I use to come here multiple times a day with tapatalk, now with the clunky website, once a week. A million others are still using...
  • SugarCain
    Sweet cheers, had been heavily looking st the Inkbird Temp Controller, and looked user friendly and everything I would need, while still...
  • B
    BKBrews replied to the thread Beer Line Issue.
    Thanks guys. razz - definitely not a frozen keg - poors perfectly fine on every other tap. The seating issue could be it, but I'll...
  • B
    BKBrews reacted to Malted Mick's post in the thread Beer Line Issue with Like Like.
    Hi BK Sounds like a gunked up ball lock disconect. Changing out the ball lock disconect with your spare would be a start to diagnose the...
  • B
    BKBrews replied to the thread Fruit Puree Gold Coast/Brisbane.
    it's definitely available - usually comes in 1kg packs. And no particular reason, except for being time poor and not having a blender here!
  • B
    Nice! my fresh pack had a huge krausen after less than 10 hours.
  • R
    RopesNZ replied to the thread Brew shops that ship to NZ.
    Yeah that's the only I asked cos otherwise I would just order here
  • R
    RopesNZ reacted to CyriusBrew's post in the thread Brew shops that ship to NZ with Like Like.
    Because none of the NZ shops are open for business, including the one you posted. (I place an order from them, and they now say they...
  • QldKev
    QldKev replied to the thread Unable to login on Firefox.
    Thanks, worked for me
  • QldKev
    QldKev reacted to n87's post in the thread Unable to login on Firefox with Like Like.
    OK, So it looks like clearing the cookies has worked. For those on FF, click on the padlock next to the URL and select 'Clear Cookies...
  • Hangover68
    Hangover68 replied to the thread C02 bulbs,where to buy ?.
    Didn't get around to getting the bulbs but instead bought a sodastream type cylinder and adapter for my mini reg, then later after get...
  • Hangover68
    Hangover68 reacted to Crusty's post in the thread MashMaster MiniMill with Like Like.
    And the FUCKWIT award goes to me! The last time I pulled the mill apart, I took the hopper off as well & when I put it back together, I...
  • Coalminer
    Coalminer replied to the thread Starting a yeast bank.
    No problem. I am only storing (my estimate) 15-20 billion so have to step up a couple of times I think I still have some samples about...
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