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  • Hi Mark, hope you are well. I need to pick your brain again. I use a refractometer which converts in Brix, I am quite comfortable with using it and the conversion programs but my query is when brewing lager scripture says start a Diacetyl rest 2 points before final gravity. What does the 2 points mean and how does it refer to Brix? Any help is great Thanks M.
    i really need the main keg seal. the ones i bought are round and circular and don't seal near foot posts. they don't seem as flat or soft as original
    however the main seals for lids i bought won't fit. are there several types. the ones i bought are round and circular in profile and leak near feet when i try to use them. the ones that came with the kegs are are more oval in shape and are flatter on the bottom and more circular on top to fit into the profile on the inside of the keg. post 2
    mark, tried to reply to your post re: mytton kegs. found it very helpful in stripping down posts. post 1
    "Pumpy world is a world surrounded by millions of tiny bubbles, where consuming tiny organisms breath life into the amber fluid, which is itself consumed ". Pumpy 2004
    Your welome at the Batcave anytime your in town Mark'
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