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wide eyed and legless
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1/3/80 (Age: 39)
Mulgrave Victoria

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wide eyed and legless

Pro, Male, 39, from Mulgrave Victoria


He is not the Messiah he's just a very naughty boy 25/6/17

    1. oddjob
      Have a Brea 20L one year old Control pana
      my up bottom does work i con track at
      hop and grain no support contacted Germany Maecell is a nice person in the mean time my little girl passed away so all on mt mind so i give up on them
      1. oddjob
        up date i can buy a control panel at half price a multi national company acting like a Conner shop . Will crush it on you tube sick of getting pushed around by big company's sorry all if i crush the Braumister
    2. oddjob
      NOW KL ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE MADE IN CHINA DUTIGHT FITTING I had John gust made i n us many of Kee best in the west have split under pressure if mine splits who law suite a against Keg land Rember Kee you said john gust AR SHIT AND JOHN GUST WERE GOING TO SUE AND RETRACTED YOUR STATEMENT
    3. djackal
      Hi WEAL
      I see from your many posts that you have some experience with purchasing off Ali.
      A quick question, who do you use to help you import from China?
      I'm thinking of grabbing a couple items off Guten but also looking at some small kegs.
      I've heard some horror stories so trying to avoig getting nailed by shipping companies or customs.

      Cheers in advance
    4. sneakyseagull
      Hey mate, do you have any of the pressure relief valves left? thanks.
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      2. sneakyseagull
        i'd love to get my hands on one, not sure what you mean by post as yet?
      3. sneakyseagull
        i'm assuming you mean because i'm only new i can't PM you
      4. wide eyed and legless
        wide eyed and legless
        Yes either PM or post in the thread will be starting another thread for the ones I have spare
    5. Gazza1958
      hi there any updates on the Pressure Relief Valve. or did i miss some think thanks
    6. andyt23
      Hey WEAL, I saw that you said you bought a faulty robobrew from KK, I have been trying to do the same thing to install a smartpid. Do you mind me asking what you paid for it?

    7. bbqzookeeper
      Bulkbuy-PRV: Sent a message last Friday, but assume you are very busy organising others, or it didn't go through. 2pcs for a total of $35.50.
    8. dbbad
      Hi. Not sure my message got through before. Let me know bank details and I will put money in asap. Should be 2 x13.75 + 8 = $35.50?
    9. cb341982
      Hi WEAL,
      Maybe it's because I'm still new but I can't see anything that will start a conversation with you. So if you see this message, shoot through your Banking details and I'll get some money payed to you ASAP
    10. Neil Harvey
      Neil Harvey
      Hi, WEAL I know this is way late, but if you end up with any extra I would take 2 of the relief valves.
    11. lonte
      OMFG all this time in this forum and I have no idea how to PM! If this is PM I'm after your bank details so I can send some $$$ for the Pressure Relief Valve BB (is the postage per unit for the two I committed to?) Cheers, Lonte (long time poster first time (maybe) PM-ing
    12. kajwek
      Hi, could you send me the link for stainless helix from china? i'm not from australia but i need few of them and it's just to expensive for me. tnx
    13. Gee Tee
      Gee Tee
      Hi there. I have just joined and my message may take a while to get onto the forum.. could you please put me down for theee valves. Thanks
    14. cb341982
      Hi WEAL. I'd like to get 2 of the pressure releif valves if that's possible. Because I'm a new member, it takes a while for the moderators to approve a message and by then you mightn't see it in the thread.
    15. DWC
      Hey mate, just saw the spunding valve BB. If anyone drops out I'll take one
    16. 2095brewer
      Hey mate. I just bought 50 litre guten and was looking to buy a few things to set up. I'm away from the machine (in Melbourne) but heading to the US tomorrow for work. I was going to buy silicon hose for transfers etc. what is the ID of the hose to run from the guten...? 5/16"??

      Also, if you are still selling the helix or anything else, let me know!

      Any help appreciated.

    17. hupthomas
      Hi Weal do you have any of the helix's left?I have a grain father and what would be the damage please.Cheers Clive
    18. Moog
      I've just read about your helix pick-up. I could probably benefit from one... Do you still have any, if so, how much, ( South Queensland)
    19. wide eyed and legless
      wide eyed and legless
      He is not the Messiah he's just a very naughty boy
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    1/3/80 (Age: 39)
    Mulgrave Victoria
    Fishing, Rugby(Union),Drinking and Brewing


    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
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