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    Food Gardening

    Sad times autumn, end of the summer veg got some cherry tomatoes will keep them as long as possible a few more Cherokee Purple to ripen. Picked 4.5 kg of beef steak and some Tommy Toe made some Passata, 2,5 litres Picked 8 kg of Cherokee Purple made 4.5 litres of passata. Moving forward...
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    BrewZilla 65L

    The pump is pretty powerful on the BM the grains are all forced up against the top plates, every 15 minutes the pump stops (pump break) which displaces the grain letting the grain drift down. The pump starts again and all the grain is forced back up to the top plates, effectively stirring, by...
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    Tomato seed

    Never heard of Rasada, when I want something unusual I go to eBay there are these Rosada in the UK F2 variety. Tomato - Rosada F2 - 20 Seeds [ 2020 Crop ] | eBay
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    Low sg in my Guten

    Run your pump throughout the mash, then switch it off. Stirring helps maintain mash temperature, especially in the first half hour.
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    PET Kegs and more

    Yeah, right.
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    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    Looking good, will be in now I know you are open. And looking forward to it.
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    What are you listening to

    One of my favourites, makes me want to dress like Rambo and put a couple of magazine belts across my chest.
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    What I am saying is, I am not going to rely on hearsay on whether anyone is not using a spunding valve. I just can't imagine anyone doing it so it isn't quite clear, whether a spunding valve is being used, it could well be they are relying on the PRV if the spunding valve fails to operate. Many...
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    I read your post you didn't say they were not using a spunding valve, I suggest you read your own post. As far as I have seen it is only the KL FermZilla which have a problem with exploding, if you can show me a KK pressure vessel exploding I will edit my post. Good Luck.
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    I just can't get my head round someone pressure fermenting without a spunding valve! They would have to be either mad, or the owner of a FermZilla.
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    Who are the people who pressure ferment without a spunding valve? That's a first for me.
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    I got expelled from Weight Watchers yesterday. And it wasn't even my fault, it was the woman next to me who spilled the family box of malteasers onto the table we were all sat around. I merely commented that it was the funniest game of hungry hungry hippos I had ever seen....:confused.:
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    I have never read of a PRV failing, what has been failing is the units themselves even as low as 10 PSI. The pressure in those Fermzilla's have never got to the activating pressure of the PRV before failing. Also if it was the case, which it isn't, of people relying on the PRV to vent an over...
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    Now that does make a lot of sense, saves a lot of room too. I suppose if one wanted less pressure then a trim of the spring or a replacement spring for that matter. I expect they are a very cheap alternative to the spunding valves and gauges out there.
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    Brewzilla 65L

    The main purpose of stirring is to keep the mash at a more even temperature, prevents hot/cold spots. A slight rise in efficiency could be because of the stirring. The liquor coming through the return pipe could/would be channeling. I believe that is the purpose of rakes in a commercial mash tun.