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Love these rumours so we had better get busy I suppose.

Want to say a big thank you to all of those who have sent me supportive messages after my encounter with a surgeon last month who insisted on replacing most of my aorta with something that I reckon could have come from a Ford Falcon. Had suggested larger beer line but deferred to greater knowledge. Will still need a couple of weeks before I can handle the stairs again at Keg King but already working on some nice new gear from home.

One thing this episode has taught me is that one can feel fine and walk around with something which can kill you in minutes totally unaware of the danger. I went for a scan on my liver (which was totally fine) but they found the aorta had ballooned out big time in a couple of places and was ready to blow at any moment. Us men are often slow to go to the doc but after this my reluctance has gone. Because we like our beer etc livers can get a bit fatty and I would urge those of you in middle to later life to go and get at least a blood test. Hopefully you end up with no problems but there is no harm in knowing that which keeps us alive can keep on doing it. I was shocked at how one can walk around and have no symptoms at all but one over exertion could have easily been the end.

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