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Just took delivery of my new CO2 cylinder. It's a 2nd hand 3.5kg fire extinguisher. It's got until November 2009 before it has to be pressure tested again, dip tube removed and filled.

Based on my calculations I'll be able to carbonate and dispense between 25-30 kegs of ale. No rental fee :lol: plus no refill fee for probably 2 years :p . In 5 years I'll be up for $40 for a pressure test :lol:

$132 delivered to my office :) . Now that's a bargain ;) !

Any other Adelaide keggers out there, ditch BOC and Air Liquide and get yourself an alternative CO2 cylinder.


Where did you get it from?

Adelaide Fire Control. Very helpful, and they will refill it no problems. They said they would even do a pick-up and drop-off to do the re-fill, for only another $10. With time being short I'd be happy to pay the extra $10.

MAH said:
Adelaide Fire Control. Very helpful, and they will refill it no problems. They said they would even do a pick-up and drop-off to do the re-fill, for only another $10. With time being short I'd be happy to pay the extra $10.

Thanks Mark,
I will give them a call
Yes MAH,

It does feel great to give Boc & Air Liquide the big kick. I will never look back.
is this the same as Goliath Dave sells?
Found out the "apparent" difference between "Food grade" and that the bottle is "supposedly" sanitized before filling for the "Food grade".
Just resurecting this topic.


can post a pic of what you got from Adelaide Fire Control...

I worked at BOC Adelaide for several years , food grade bottles are not sanitized , they are filled along side industrical grade , same gas exactly

Same with oxygen , industrial and hosiptal grade ....same same

beer gas ???? same just pay more if you don't know

If anybody has any info about this type of system, please post it. Our club is looking for something along these lines, with the benefits of being more portable, and obviously there are some cost savings to be had as well.... anyone in Brisbane gone down this path???

Can you guys confirm if the CO2 gas regs screw straight onto these cyclinders.

Also, do you still need to use the handle to output the CO2.

i have been talking to Adelaide Fire Control - can get the following sizes brand new in both steel and aluminium(more expensive)
3.5kg &

Brand new prices are 165.00 to 225.00 depending on size and whether it is steel or aluminium.
GMK, you can track down secondhand extinguisher cylinders if you find someone that services them, then just get them to buy/find an appropriate head to screw onto it (it's quite easy). Reason being is that it's the heads (valves) that go on them while the cylinder is fine and usually they just replace the whole thing. My guy just played around with a number of different heads until he found one that fitted and then just ordered that head (~$40) in to suit my bottle/cylinder ($50 secondhand).

Now, I use a 5kg Aluminium Chubb fire extinguisher. The head on mine is called a "Fireguard" brand head, although it doesn't say it on the head. You really need to take your reg into the place and try it on. Worst case scenario you could get a brass adapter turned up to fit, but you really should be able to find one to fit.

Remember to let them know what you want it for, that being as a gas bottle for you homebrew, as this tends to spark up some enthusiasm and they tend to be keener to try a bit harder then ;).

Cheers, good luck. Justin
I had no problem at all. I rang up and the guy knew exactly what I was talking about. He even asked if I wanted the dip tube removed. The regulator just screwed straight on. He must have know what size thread I needed and had a bottle that matched ready to go. As Justin says, they could easily attach another head if neccessary. I've since looked at the C02 extinguishers at work, and all would accept a regulator no worries.

What I really liked was the level of service dlivred to my door :D . As a homebrewer and not a pub, try and get BOC to deliver a cylinder.

The guy i spoke to did not know that much - hence the Questions ....

How do you have the discharge handle open all the Time??????????? as to have CO2 to the regulator all the time
The only hiccup you may come across is a leak in the handle(if you are using the original head). There is only one little "o" ring that seals the gas in the head whilst in use. Might be worth checking when the bottle is in use.
If you have the proper gas valve in the bottle(where most of the hassle comes from sourcing a valve to fit an extinguisher) this shouldnt be an issue
Richo, my head/valve has a removable pin you can put through the handle. You can put it though so the valve can't be depressed but you can also put it through a second set of holes so that it can be depressed and left on.
If your doesn't have this option you could just get one of those spring clamps (don't know how else to describe them) and whack that on the handle.

Cheers, Justin
Shed, see my gallery photos. Its the last image. The photos not really clear but you get the picture. In the photo the valve/handle isn't actually depressed/open, nor is it locked in the off position either but you can see how it is supposed to go.