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FS Melb: Beer Fridge Kit inc Kegs, CO2 Cylinder and Gas Detector

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[SIZE=12.8000001907349px]Hi all,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12.8000001907349px]Selling my keg setup in favour of going back to bottles. If you have some interest please check out the eBay link below:[/SIZE]


OK gents, this little gem has been my pride and joy for the past couple of years but it's now time to say goodbye. She started out life as a small project to complement my expanding stake in the homebrew scene and served as a catalyst for transitioning from bottles to kegs. With many hours spent researching/designing/building the various components the final product was quite an impressive feat that has since been the cornerstone of many unforgettable days/nights. Whether you're interested in entertaining the masses or simply taking your homebrew setup to the next level, or maybe even just starting out - you cannot go past this absolute marvel. Below is an in-depth description and breakdown of what is arguably the most enjoyable home project I've ever pieced together.

[SIZE=small]What is it? This is a bar fridge. But not just any bar fridge. This is a Fisher and Paykel 442L upside down fridge/freezer that has been converted into a fully functional bar including room for 4 Cornelius kegs which supply the 4 front mounted taps for a selection of beers at your fingertips. There are 4 gas lines that pass through the side of the fridge that have been neatly finished with an aesthetic brushed aluminium panel. These gas lines run to the supporting 6kg CO2 cylinder that is parked next to the fridge. The regulators attached to the cylinder include 2 dual outlet top of the range Tesuco units that have been modified to include quick release fittings (these things are an amazing alternative to the horrible barb/clamp fittings that come standard) and having 4 means you can set your charging/dispensing pressure independently for each keg. This function will make your life a lot easier when you realise each style of beer has a different requirement. Above the gas line panel, I have mounted a top of the range CO2 and O2 sensor panel manufactured by Peel Instruments. These guys are an Australian made/run business that provide these detectors for commercial use and some would argue that it's a bit of overkill for a homebrew application.....I disagree. Having 6kg of high pressure CO2 inside your house, with your friends and family, is a gamble even for the most cautious of people. It only takes a gradual leak to increase the concentration of CO2 in a small room and you will run into some serious issues that, to be blunt, could result in someones death. This thing is great insurance and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is storing high pressure CO2 or Nitrogen indoors.[/SIZE]

What's included?[SIZE=small] I'm glad you asked. Here is a step by step breakdown of the parts included in this auction. I've included links where appropriate to provide an idea of price and/or details - take note that I have made links to other ebay auctions that are completely unrelated to this ad, they are simply a reference to help you research what you are getting.[/SIZE]

All equipment has been look after well, works as it should and has been well planned to suit this setup. Its recently been cleaned and lubricated with a food grade lube where appropriate. This really is a 'complete' set and if you have any interest in learning more details please don't hesitate to ask. Happy for people to come and inspect - call/msg Scott 0430951280.
Pick up only from Wantirna South, VIC, 3152.


Yeh - that's still a valid point. The auction starts at $2500 which is roughly what the setup owes me. If the auction fails to attract a buyer I'll open it up to offers.

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