Co2 Cylinder: Reckon This Idea Will Work?

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thought i'd run my plan past you guys to see if it sounds ok?

I'm getting my hands on a 9kg CO2 cylinder from a mate for $50 (and it's 1/2 full too!), and it's been pressure tested to 2009 and is in good nick... only problem is that it's an air liquide bottle, and no air liquide filling stations around my area (wollongong)... but BOC down here are happy to refill a privately owned bottle, soo..

I was planning on removing all the air liquide stickers, and filling / bogging up the air liquide serial number, giving the bottle a coat of paint and then taking this to BOC for a refill.. it almost sounds too easy??

question is for the guys who own their cylinders, is do the refilling stations check / cross check for serial numbers to prove ownership, or just slap the bottle on, refill ya, take your $$ and send ya on the way??

either way, it's a bargain so i'm gonna prob grab it.... but just dunno the finer details... any comments / advice appreciated!

LHBs will swap your empty cylinder for a new one. they dont know which customers have hired their cylinders or obtained it by other means.
You can just go and exchange it.
G'day Dallas,

I too have an Air Liquide bottle and there are a couple of agents in the Wollongong area. I get my 23KG bottle filled/swapped for $50 at B & E Gas Supplies.

I got the bottle from a club and it's owned by them, but there were no questions asked when I first got it filled.

Here are the contact details for them (and another agent I haven't used)

B & E Gas Supplies
Shellharbour Road
Port Kembla, 2505
Email: b&[email protected]
Ph: 4276 1006

Leisure Coast Gas
644 Princes Highway
Russell Vale, 2517
Ph: 4284 9899