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Grain Mill with motor 2 roller VGC optional power pak

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Price is $80 (pick up) or plus postage ($31.30) within Victoria and extra $10 for Power Pak
Grain Mill 2 Roller with 12 volt motor. Updated to a 3 roller and the 12 motor would not drive it. It runs at 80 rpm so does an ideal crush and is set at .040 inch (1mm) Used it on the Grainfather G30. For demonstration I ran it off a 12 volt battery charger. The power pak is a 12volt 10amp. You will need to wire that up if you want it (For safety reasons) Very easy to do..........................................Dimensions of the box are 37cm x 37cm x37cm and 7.5 kg Video on Utube-


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I’m interested would need to ship to Queensland please give me first dibs
how much to post to elanora Queensland

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