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Do you observe at least two alcohol free days per week?

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We're all homebrewers, so we all obviously enjoy a tipple. Some more than others, of course :)

Recently in a non-alcohol related visit to the doctor, I raised the topic of safe drinking levels and he suggested that for someone of my size (6 foot, about 95 kilos) a safe level of sustainable drinking is about 4 middies per day, max, with at least two completely alcohol-free days (AFD's) per week. I personally exceed the 4 middy/2 pint limit maybe once or twice a week, but since I began kegging, rarely observed the AFD's. I now have some health issues that the beer might be aggravating, and rather than give up the sacred drop entirely, I'm working towards observing the "recommended safe" levels of drinking. I wonder how many AHB members do observe this health advice?

So, please answer the poll and post comments if you wish. Do you observe 2 AFD's a week?
No alcohol-free days... I always do the right thing and pay for it. I don't know anybody that benevolent. :lol: :chug:

Warren -
Be serious Warren! :blink: I generally don't drink Mondays and Wednesdays. :ph34r:

Warren -
I cannot honestly remember the last time I had an AFD - must be years ago. I drink 3-4 longnecks a night. Easily double that amount on Saturdays and Sundays, usually crack the first one around lunchtime.
Had to start having AFDs cause of SWMBO but also found that I generally feel better after a couple of AFD's per week. A little while back I tried not to drink mon-thurs but found myself drinking a weeks worth of beer in a weekend! This in turn caused its own problems.
The ol' liver starts to ache a bit if theres no AFD's esp. the older you get
Normally a glass a night maybe 2 or so on a weekend. Probably about 1 AFD a week and often a few days in a row every couple of weeks. Call me a softy but that's my definition of drinking in moderation. I would be lucky if intoxication happened once a year. I enjoy the flavour more than the efeects one might say.


I got concerned towards the back end of last year when I really started to ramp up production about the amount of beer on hand and the ease of "just cracking a bottle or two".
I generally observe 2 consecutive AFD's, normally early in the week.
By the same token, there is always a brew at some stage of fermentation which needs a quick taste or gravity reading. My definition of AFD, therefore, is less than 200ml in a day.
As for the 4 "middie" daily limit for the other 5 days... Get outta here!!!!
Borret said:
I enjoy the flavour more than the efeects one might say.



Excuse the slight hijack... However let me be the one to stipulate that beer goes nicely with kebabs. :p

Warren -
Last time I had an AFD was when I was absolutely dead in the water with the flu (the bad one that went around a few months ago).
Up until then I had not had an AFD for 18 months or so since when I was laid up with food poisoning.
Here is the point, I have a beer or two or three every day, but in moderation. I don't get drunk. I drink for enjoyment. It also aids as a relaxant each night which helps me unwind from the day.

warrenlw63 said:
Borret said:
I enjoy the flavour more than the efeects one might say.



Excuse the slight hijack... However let me be the one to stipulate that beer goes nicely with kebabs. :p

Warren -

Yes, but Kebabs in moderation also. The after effects of a spicy kebab can be less than desirable too... :lol:

Now back to the topic at hand. ;)
I went about a week sans-alcoholic beverages when I was sick a couple of weeks ago. Normally there will be the odd day every few weeks or so that I don't have a drink, but not planned.
The aggravation my snoring causes the wife has encouraged me to abstain 3 nights a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and thursday. And it has helped my sleeping patterns to improve as well :) . Sunday and tuesday is usually 3-4 pots, Friday and Saturdays are generally entertainment nights so a few more get downed.

I haven't had an "AFD" in years.

Even when my brother and I went up north for my grandmother's funeral I hassled him to go to the local RSL for a few the night beforehand. I however DID NOT get drunk and I was NOT hung over at the funeral...that would be so disrespectful it's not funny!

I was a seriously addicted weekend binge drinker (the thought of going a Thurs, Fri or Sat without getting totally wasted was unbearable...I'd crawl walls) until about the age of which point I started drinking every night and not going on binges quite so often.


p.s. mmmmm, kebabs :)
due to my job-shift work 2 days 2 nights each week i always have no beer before nights and no beer after knocking off in the 2 days each week are afd.
My AFD's usually come after the weekend.
I generally have 2 AFD's a week. Sometimes it's only one.

I had some liver problems a while back and I now know the benefits of letting the old liver have a bit of a spell :excl:

I only have AFDs by accident or during periods of extreme illness. However, I usually drink in moderation, i.e 1 pint of beer and maybe a glass of wine.

Cheers - Snow
I always have a few alcohol free days per week. A couple nights a week I do some fairly strenuous exercise and lose a lot of fluids. After these training sessions I drink about 1.5litre of water, more in summer. Not much room left for beer and even if there was, beer doesn't help with rehydration. In my 20's I could get away with drinking beer after a work-out, now in my 30's I find that even a couple of pints will leave me with a cracking headache the next day.

now im tempted to have an AFD just for experiments sake :blink:
Up until around 4-6 weeks ago I would never have an AFD or maybe 1-2 per month max.

However I have just started (4-6 weeks ago) to only drink on weekends + friday nights and have never felt better. So now 4-5 AFD per week.

I found that before hand, I was craving a beer by around 4PM each day. After a few weeks though this craving passed. I susspect it was a lot like sugar craving..

However saying this, when summer comes along, i'm sure I wil be back into it but will plan for the 2 AFD's per week.

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