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Are you bulletproof boy?
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I hope all you guys are OK, I was totally oblivious to what has been going on up there weatherwise till I saw tonights news. That weather pattern looks diabolical, I hope everyone is safe and dry.


It's dead calm here Tony with virtually no rain just heavy humid and cloudy, like the calm before the storm.
Hope everyone south of here stays safe.

Yeah all the best from us in sunny brisbane.

I was up at caboolture with work today and it was coming in sideways...

Hope everyone is safe and dry.
It was only 27C here today but must have been 100% humidity, absolutely horrid.
I can't speak for the other guys, but its not too bad in Cooran at the moment (some may need google maps to find wtf Cooran is). The flooding we had last weekend was definitely worse - that was the highest Six Mile Creek has peaked at in Cooran for quite a few years. We will see what tonight brings - we are still in a moderate flood right now so it won't take much to get all the creeks rising again. The BOM are suggesting we could get a whole lot more rain yet.

There are still plenty of people around who have had water through their homes, so I don't want to downplay it too much. I know of a few people with livestock missing too, and I am sure they are not the only ones.

I hope everybody affected is at home or somewhere safe with some cold beer on hand. Failing that, I hope you have a roof over your head at least.
Thanks boys,

Floodwaters basically followed us off the track at work today. Removed all the gear from the skidpan and took the back road out, Inglewood Bridge was just about to be closed as I drove over, Kidd Bridge way under, crossed Normanby Bridge clear of the river by about 3 metres. It may be under by morning, if so we will be isolated on the Southside again. Hunkering down for a couple of days isolation, all dry here, way above record flood levels but may have to evac the FIL to our home.

Hope all the others are safe, Batz was flooded in this morning.

We got hit fairly badly, 340mm of rain in two days.
The roads are washed out here but I did manage to get into town this morning, the pubs all sand-bagged so I hope it stayed dry. We can't get out of town yet and I don't know how damaged the roads are.

Lots of clean up to do around the house. Fingers crossed that's it.

It was pretty shitty done here on the south coast of NSW all last week (made me miss a monthly brew club meeting :angry: ) but nothing compared to what Nature is hassling you blokes with. When I keep seeing the colours purple and red on the weather radar where you jokers live I shudder. Stay safe boys and best of luck!

Don't think of it as bad weather, just God's revenge for all those State of Origin wins! :beer:
Looks like the system is heading north and breaking up, so finger crossed that is the last of it.

Hope no-one was injured due to the weather.

I couldn't get through to work this morning or if I did might have been sleeping in the truck not being able to get home. so Brew day for me .

I also nearly got stuck between Poomona and Kin Kin as i was out checking some bridges in that area fortunately I was in the work truck.
The usual floods for us here in Doonan during the wet. Just seems alot of others around copped it pretty bad where usually they don't.

At least I was able to get home yesterday before the floods hit us, last week I was stranded overnight only a km from home, luckily I had a old mate up the hill and bugged him at 1130pm for a bed :rolleyes:

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