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Small fridge, powerful thirst
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After much cajoling with SWMBO, she has consented for me to host a brewday.

Where: I live in Morley, just at the intersection of Morley Dr and Tonkin Hwy, so its nice and easy to get to.
When: I cant do the 19th of Feb, and the 26th is election day, which may be awkward for some people, so how does Staurday, March 5th sound?
What: I think I'll do a beer can chicken (with real beer this time), and grab some snags from de brovniks as well.

The beer will either be a belgian ale, or an APA with amarillo, depending on demand. Temp control with a belgian might be an issue as well, but we'll get that sorted.

It will be a great chance for me to get my grain brewing sorted, as at previous meets I've been too keen to sample the end result, and haven't taken enough notice of the little tips and tricks along the way.
If I'm in town, I'll be there, but theres a good chance I will be in Indonesia so I wont make any contribution to date selection.
March 5th is on the Labour Day long weekend....
I may be racing (mountain bike) in the Karri Cup in Northcliff then... if I can motivate myself....
Will be there otherwise.
Asher for now
Looks like I have nothing planned as yet but I am potentially selling my house so who knows what could happen - hopefully I will have sold it by then or decided not to.

Looking like I can make it at this stage.
Ack, I didnt realise that the beginnig of March was May day :p (It's always the first monday in May in Qld).

So either the week before or the week after might be a better option, let me know what you think
Sounds great - I should be right. When we set a date I can confirm.

(must be my turn next....)

I should be right around those days too, look forward to it.
Must be my turn soon as well. I normally do two batch brewdays so it will be a 7 hour session :p .

Kegs in the fridge:

3 kegs of rice lager (for lawnmowing and the non beer drinkers)
1 keg of LCPA clone
1 keg of Kolsch
1 keg of Pilsner
1 keg of Oktoberfest
1 keg of Golden Ale

So it might be a while before i need to brew next ;)
Jeez I dont know how people like you and Doc do it. 7 hrs would be one brew for me. Last weekend I did one brew and bottled 2 brews in 7 hrs and I was pretty happy. The weekend before that I did a double brew day, and was still finishing the second one late at night. And I didnt paint any cupboards either.
Guest Lurker said:
Jeez I dont know how people like you and Doc do it. 7 hrs would be one brew for me. Last weekend I did one brew and bottled 2 brews in 7 hrs and I was pretty happy. The weekend before that I did a double brew day, and was still finishing the second one late at night. And I didnt paint any cupboards either.
It is getting harder to do with two kids now.
The addtion of the counter flow chiller and the nasa burner on a stand means the brew equip configuration makes it a bit more difficult to do double brew days.
So until I get my brew stand built I'm down to single brew days, but with the new burner and chiller I can be all brewed and cleaned up in 5 hours.

I'm going camping on the weekend of March 19. Feb 19 is also no good for me. Otherwise I would be keen as always.

Public transport options, Fridge?
ok, thanks for the replies. Lets pencil it in for Saturday 5th March, unless anyone has any strenuous objections.

I live in a street called hampton square east, in Morley.
rough map:

Public transport options aren't too bad, considering. Buses run along Broun Av and Morley Dr, both having stops outside the street. Otherwise Bayswater train station is about 3km south.

I'll chase up the bus services that run through here, and let you know timetables etc.

Its all in the planning.

You need to have two burners (HLT and Boiler) if your using gas.
As long as you can be mashing your second batch whilst boiling the first, you essentially only add the extra sparge and boil time to the brewday (assuming CF chilling is fast)
You only need to do a half assed clean between brews.

You obviously need space for more fermenters too, i can just fit at a squeeze my 60L and two 30L fermenters in the chest freezer.

You need to grow up more yeast.

And last but not least, a 'brew bitch', ive got a mate who takes some of the final product, and for that he pays half of the ingredients and does all my cleaning lifting and crap duties i dont like. I just do the fun stuff ;)
Just a quick update on how things are progressing.

- Today I placed the order for any ingredients I didn't already have.
- I went to pick up a yeast, but due to a mixup in the shop I got a Wit yeast, so that's being returned tomorrow, hopefully exchanged for the right one.
- Update on public transport. There's heaps of buses which run past here, although I've never caught one. Plenty of info and routes here (Transperth)
- I will be experimenting with a double pot boil, due to the lack of a big enough pot, which will add to the excitment
- My major worry will be cooling the wort. If anyone has a immersion chiller they would like to bring along for the afternoon, that would be most appreciated.

Is there anything else I need to remember?
If I'm here I could bring an immersion chiller, although I would need to instruct you on some meditative techniques since it is a zen chiller whose design is based on quantum physics which only I understand.

But, given that
a) I'll probably be in Indonesia
B) If I'm here I will probably cycle over
it would be better if someone else has one.

Failing that if I'm away we can organise for you to grab the chiller off Fleur so the wort can be cooled one way or another.

How wide is the pot(s)?
Whats your batch size Barfridge?

I've got a 33l pot & immersion chiller that connects to a temprite for super chilling if needed....
In fact I've got a complete 25l batch infusion mash system gathering dust.....

Asher for now..
I got a small CFC (will only do about one LPM with the tap water at 25C at the moment) attached to a 65 litre boiler if thats any help
Batch size will be the standard 23 litres. I have one 19 litre pot, and will be getting another next week. They both should fit on the bbq, which gives a slowly rolling boil, its not a nasa burner.

edit: I just realised I still have a stainless coil sitting here. I purchased it from GMK months ago, and had completely forgotten about it. Now all I need to do is connect 4mm round stainless to a tap fitting. Any suggestions?
Well, it doesnt have to hold that much pressure, and it doesnt matter if it leaks, so at a pinch a pile of duct tape, thread tape, a piece of garden hose and a hose clamp! Just dont let Batz or Big D see it.
Sounds very professional :blink:

Don't ever get into aircraft maintance GL

Batz :ph34r:

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