Newish home brewer on south side of Brissy

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Hi All. Name is Geoff.
Been brewing a little while now, but mainly Coopers Mexican Chevaser (can't spell! Lol)! Got a couple of kegs & a still as well. Using different fermenters for beer & wash.

I'm looking to do more of the preperation so I can personalize for my taste rather than just using a can & their brewing sugar mix, as well as try other styles. Have also tried to make ginger beer, but seemed to lack taste! Lol

I go to Brewers Choice @ Browns Plains for gear as well as buy second hand off eBay.

Any good brewing clubs around Brisbane? Any meet on w/ends?

Hi Geoff

Welcome. Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers (BABBs) Meets on thurs nights. 4th thurs of each month. There is a link to there site in the clubs section on this site, which also lists other clubs.

Check with Brewer's choice to see if they do all grain demonstrations at Browns Plains (they do at Kedron I believe). You may not be ready for all grain brewing yet but it would give you some valuable insight and some ideas. Happy brewing.
Hey Geoff.

I'm in Parkinson too. Happy to share a brewday (I brew double batch BIAB so you won't go home empty handed) or a ride to BABBs if you're interested.


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