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The conference is looming ever closer, we have over 200 people coming to club night, but we're still a bit in the dark as to who is bringing beer and what gear they need. Remember that Club Night is open to individuals as well - we'd love to taste your brews!​
If you're bringing beer and don't get in touch with us ahead of time, chances are no-one will be able to drink your beer...not even you!​

Coming to club night? Not on the list? Bringing beer? Entering in the Ultimate Session Beer Comp? Drop us a line at [email protected], with your name, phone number, club name, and some details about what's coming?

Club's who've responded:​
  • Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers
  • Illawarra Brewers Union
  • West Coast Brewers
  • Hobart Brewers
  • Righteous Brewers Townsville
  • Merri Mashers Homebrew Club
  • Inner Sydney Brewers club
  • Inner City Brewers
  • Christchurch Homebrew Club
  • Canberra Brewers
General FAQs are below...

What happens at Club Night?
Wind down from the academic pursuits of the conference proper. There’ll be fine food and just as fine beer as well as prizes . Brewers from around our fair country will be trying to out do each other with their beers and their costumes. Yes… costumes…’Nuff said.​

Where do we ship our soon-to-be-award-winning-beer?
  1. clearly label your keg in a durable (i.e. liquid-proof) and clear way - “John J. Homebrewer - [email protected] mob: 04123 3456. ANHC ClubNight (and club name if applicable).

  2. Ship your keg(s) to the Harmonie German Club. 49 Jerrabomberra Ave Narrabundah ACT 2604 (02) 6295 9853. Attn: ANHC Club Night.
Please ensure your shipment aims to arrive October 8-15th. (The Harmonie German Club is very kindly making its cold room and receiving capacity available to us so we’re trying limit our impact by keeping it to this window of time).
Yeah, but how does the beer get to the Club Night venue?
Not to worry, you get your beer shipped in advance to the above address and we’ll get it to there and cold. If you’re hand-carrying your pride and joy then bring it to the venue and we’ll load it into the cool room.​

What about gear?
ANHC organizers will provide gas and regulators for dispensing. We ask that you provide the necessary fixtures and any cooling for your beers (quick disconnects, lines, taps, miracle boxes and the like). If you can’t supply any of these get in touch with us asap via [email protected]. If you’re just shipping small things like a couple of taps or lines then you can include this with your keg to Harmonie club.​
If your club has a theme bar or other bulkier items it needs to be either brought with you on the day to the Uni House venue (between the hours of 5.30-7.00pm) or shipped to us ahead of time. In that case, please let us know the details of shipping ahead of time (your name etc, shipper name, expected arrival date). We can provide you with a delivery address.​

Where’s Club Night being held anyway?
Easy! Same room as the conference – you don’t have to go anywhere. We’ll turn over the room used for the talks into the club night room.​

What time does it start and what do I need to get in?
Punters roll in at 7pm. Everyone will need to have pre-purchased their club night ticket – either their conference lanyard will be endorsed with a club night ticket or if attending only club night they'll show i.d. to get admission. Everyone will get wristbands with a code so they can vote online for the best beers, club etc.​

When can Club reps get into the room to set up their gear?
The room should be turned over by about 6.15pm . So there’ll be 45 mins to set up.​

When do we finish up?
Taps off at 10.30. By 11pm everyone needs to be out except the few folks doing pack up of gear. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Canbars to kick on at.​

How do we vote for best beers and the like?
We’ll have online polling accessible via smartphone or through a voting kiosk. Remember those wristbands and codes…..​

Sweet prizes?
Yep for:​
Who does the clean up?
Please determine who from your club will be responsible for set up and take down of the gear and provide their name and mobiles to organizers (an Excel spreadsheet would be great if you’re able). The pick up of gear will happen the next morning from Uni house from 10am-12pm.​