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In honour of those who have served and fallen I'll be brewing a Diggers Rest Ale on Sunday.
I would like a few opinions on the recipe though as I'm fairly new to this AG caper.

Having read countless threads on various pale ale recipes, I've come up with the following

3.3kg Ale Malt
1.0kg Munich Malt
0.3kg Caramalt
0.25kg Wheat Malt

10g Chinook AA12.2% @ 60
10g Amarillo AA7.1% @ 30
5g Chinook @ 30
10g Amarillo @ 15
10g Amarillo @ 10
10g Amarillo @ 0

Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley (prefer 1272 or 1056 but have none at the moment)

Around 35IBU, 5.0% ABV

Any thoughts/comments appreciated


I have some 1056 in the fridge at the moment, more than prepared to do a swap for a Thames.......PM me if you want, I live near the G' Spot..

I'd look at using another 500g of ale malt.
Then also make make it 30g of hops at the very end so 60 g of hops all up on the end.

Calculate your recipe for around 25 litres left in the kettle at end of boil this insures you'll collect at least 20 litres in the fermentor.
So make all sg calcs and ibu calcs for 25 litres.

Thanks for the expert comments Jayse.
I've based my calcs as you suggested. I'm losing just under 5L to trub, etc and cooling so I should collect 20L.

The extra 500g Ale malt is noted and added. It may max out the current mash tun but what the hey!

The reason I only have 10g at flameout is Amarillo has been described as "super-charged cascade" so I'm a bit hesitant to use an extra 30g on the end considering no-one on the boards has really reviewed the hop.
I think I'll do a bit more reading re big d's and TDA's recent recipes and try to get an idea o what to expect.

Big d, TDA
Have you tried your brews yet? They should be in CC or at least 2ndry by now?

Mine's in CC and has been for around 3 weeks. I am away from home so will not know how it is for another 4 weeks. Tasted spicy a week ago!

Got of my arse yesterday and got the equip together for single AG brew day. Will be brewing my Oktoberfest that won gold at Qld and Bronze at the nationals last year.
Only problem is it looks like the Old Bav Lager yeast hasn't taken, or I'm a bit sus on the starter. Might have to pitch 34/70 instead. Won't get as malty a profile I would think.

gday stevesa
i will be kegging the amarillo trial on monday arvo after i wake up from night shift so monday evening at the earliest for a taste test and reply.

big d
steve to make an aussie pale in honour of our fallen diggers use a aussie hop good ole Pride of ringwood
Pride of ringworm was not ever grown before 1960 (exept in the wild)so the diggers never got to taste that in beers. So theres a floor in your idea Jazman.

i know jyse but still it close to aussie as u will get as those digger prob had pommy beer
Yep i would say they would have been lucky to even get beer. As you say now a days you can't get more aussie than ringworm.
To make a beer like the original aussie sparkling you would use only very little hops and none whatso ever on the end. Only enough to get 15 ibu at the start.
As hops were too expensive in the days back then.

anyway seeya tommorow i hope jarrod.
Cheers Jayse
sorry wont be at kens but will bring u some sample soon or have a get to getter on another sat arvo

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