Regulator gauge is going up and down

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See video
Going up and then PRV opens..

This normally happens if the gas is on and not connected to a keg.

As soon as I turn on … is connected to a keg.

I took the regulator off the other day. Since then.. is about 2 kgs of gas left..

Any ideas..

Took off and re added a few times.


    4.7 MB

I opened up unit, cleaned everything - looks ok.. really does not look like anything wrong or worn.

Put back and is still the same,

repair kits is 14 + 13 postage, $27.. might aswell get new..

To me there is something blocked (same thing when not connect to keg and turn on an pressure goes up and blows) .. I was think the nut with holes in it, maybe blocked.

I was thinking of putting everything open in the dishwasher to give a really good clean?


Also forget to mantion that is was working fine until I took of one bit strange after that.

Update… gave clean..
still same .. what I noticed is the gas is coming out even if diaphragm set to 0, no gas. Everything looks ok … how does a diaphragm wear out, looks perfectly fine.

Can it be something else?

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Pretty pointless
There is probably a small piece of grit in the needle or seat, or some other damage to the seat.
If you Google up a diagram of how a reg works you will see how small and easy to damage the needle and seat are.
Something probably got in there when you took the reg of the bottle, that’s why it stopped when it did. Often it’s a bit of brass swarf from the bottle or regulator nut. The needle and seat I’m talking about are part of the poppet assembly in this drawing.
So if it is blocked do you think its in that poppet / nut.. Its obviously building up.
When I put it on a keg it is ok for a bit until equalised and then pressure builds up again.
It needs a service kit, unlikely that you can clean it.

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