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Guys, I need help with setting up my Duotight digital in-line regulator since there was no instructions and I haven't been able to find anything specific online.

I recently purchased a Duotight in-line regulator to go in my keezer. I took out the analog guage and replaced it with the digital version. No problems there. The line from my secondary is running in the correct direction as well. I am trying to set it to push a kegged wine out at 1 or 2 psi but can't seem to get that to happen. I can't seem to find step by step instructions on how to make that happen.

Here are my steps so far:
1. Keg has no pressure
2. Opened CO2 tank and set secondary to 20 psi (just a random number)
3. Attached quick disconnect to keg and turned on digital in-line reg (yellow knob is almost completely out, barely hanging on).
4. Opened the secondary and looked at the reg. It was at 0 so I slowly.....just barely turned the knob to the right and it slowly started letting gas into the keg. It got to 1 psi and eventually to 4. Turning back left doesn't do anything unless I release the keg pressure and start over. Just seems really sensitive. I thought I was getting something that would be easy to dial in and forget.

Maybe someone has the same setup or experience using these things......or maybe I got a bad regulator ( I've read that does happen). Can someone verify if I've got the correct procedure?
The inline reg (and the first stage on the gas cylinder) will let gas through to the downstream side. But it doesn’t vent to release pressure (that’s what a spunding valve does). No matter how low you turn the knob, the pressure won’t drop if there’s nowhere for the gas to go. What you need to do is release the keg pressure. Or you can disconnect the line from the keg and push in the little pin in the middle of the fitting to burb it - it will respond faster since it’s only losing the gas in the line rather than the much greater volume of gas in the keg. Then very slowly turn up the pressure on the inline reg. It is sensitive. With my analogue gauges I find I need to tap them to make them respond to small increases in pressure.

I’ve never attempted to serve with just 1-2 psi. You’ll need much shorter and/or larger “wine” lines between the keg and tap than you would for beer that is carbonated to at least ~10-15 psi
1-2 PSI isn't much at all for dispensing. Have you tried pushing out at a higher pressure just to make sure it's enough to dispense. You could even do with water if you're concerned about carb'ing your wine.

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