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i have two posture care recliner chairs that we have had for 20 years, they were measured and made to a personal fitting.

at the time they cost us 2400 dollars for both, they are made from excellent materials and really well made.
i am thinking of getting them recovered in leather but looking around i can get 2 leather recliners from lazyboy chairs for about the same price as recovering the old ones, has anyone gone down this road lately. what did you think of the buy new or recover options.

The first step is admitting that they have a problem.
The first step is admitting that they have a problem.

well Bum they are 20 years old and looking tired, tried the shampoo treatment but still look tired, footrests have now worn through the material and being a pattern we cant get the same pattern to recover them, have you recovered yours.
No. My chairs still carry a lot of shame and are unable to move on just yet.

I'll be here for them when they are ready.

Plus they're quite new really.
well i could live with my chairs too, but the missus has breast cancer and after all the chemo and radio she hasnt got much energy so sits in her chair most of the day, she thinks a new outfit for the chairs will make her feel brighter and more comfortable, so i guess its just as easy to agree with her, she never complains about me buying brew gear so i cant complain really.

I don't think I'm saying what you think I'm saying, fergi.

My thoughts are with you and your SWMBO. Good luck.
Hope your wife comes through OK.

As it happens my Mum went through the recovering process on a couple of leather Jackson Recliners a few years ago and was disappointed with the results. The biggest problem was that the foam had lost a lot of its bounce and the recovered chairs looked thinner and a bit mean. After a little while she replaced them with a couple of Lazyboy recliners.
Buy a big sheet and staple it to the chairs...can be done for less than $50
Trade em in on a pair of these and you can improve you posture whilst doing FA.


*top tip*

My parents Maltese neighbours have had the same lounge ensemble for over 20 years and it as good as the day it left the factory.
That's the longevity having fitted plastic covers can deliver.
And also, never sitting on it.
Sorry to hear about SWMBO fergi. Nevertheless, if I were in the same situation I would recover the chairs. Obviously the misses is very happy and comfortable in the ones you have and if you feel the same then why not?....
Hello Ferg,
just a stab in the dark here but maybe try Inspire Home Furniture on 270 Grand Junction Rd, Athol Park SA 5012, Australia, (08) 8241 2128 for recovering.
The reason I say this is because we had a custom made lounge suite manufactured by them for less than the cost of one bought ready made from Hardly Normal etc. They run what looks like an Asian sweat shop there, just joking as there were a number of asian employees out the back who seemed to be doing all of the construction and sowing. They had a bought lounge suite in there for the purpose of inspecting it to make one the same (as in a knock off). Excellent craftmanship and good prices. Perhaps they could do a good price on a recover? They had books and books and books of fabric samples for us to choose from. It could be a blind lead but might be worth a telephone call?

Edit: Lazyboy recliners are very nice. Perhaps you could get one of those electric ones that tip up so the Mrs can get in and out more easily? My mate and I had races on a couple of demo models in a Hardly Normal store once. On your mark, get set, go, Bzzzzzzzzzz, ha ha mine is faster! The salesperson came over to us and didn't get too upset, actually started with the sales pitch; we kept racing.
thanks guys,
i think i might try the recovering angle, at least i know these chairs are put together really well.
cheers fergi