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Withdrawn [MELB] 65L SS Insulated Mash Tun

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Hi All,

I recently upgraded to a larger SS Brewtech insulated mash tun. This bad boy has treated me well over many a brew. Has held mash temps like a charm, my HERMS unit runs at extremely low power output when sitting at mash temp (probably only topping up the losses from the recirculation out of the tun in the hoses as opposed to the tun itself.

It is a custom made double pot, so one Stainless Steel (SS) pot inside another SS pot, the space between the walls is filled with insulating foam and the top rim sealed with engineering grade sealant. The lid is two lids sealed together as well with foam/adhesive, you'd never know other than it feeling like a thick insulated lid, it sits snug on top like a charm. It's a very sturdy unit, you can single person lift when empty, I typically scooped out grain after the mash, then took it to my big sink, tipped on its side and hose out by myself. This always got a PBW soak/recirc after every brew day.

False bottom is a Cheeky Peak Grainstopper which has been cut to size (fits nice and snug, was recently replaced under warranty due to the handle corroding (Cheeky Peak came to the party and replaced it). New one is perfect and being my second go was a much neater cut, I used to use a silicone seal around the older one, but this newer one is cut so nice you wouldn't even fit a seal in between the false bottom and pot wall!!

Pickup is a custom 3/4" tube on a camlock for easy removal/cleaning with 30mm BSP elbows on the end, this greatly improves pump suction and reduces velocity at the bottom, preventing stuck mashes. I have never had any recirc or sparging issues since changing to the Grainstopper type false bottom with this pickup. I also have an older 1/2" SS tube pickup that I originally used but found it reduced pump performance, but it still did not stick any recircs/sparges. I will include it anyway because it was custom made for this so they belong together and is an option. Otherwise if you have 1/2" BSP inside a kettle or HLT you could use this as a whirlpool arm...

Valves are high grade Prochem 3-piece SS ball valves, both with integrated Cheeky Peak sight glasses, so you can monitor what is coming out of your mash at the bottom and stop/recitfy any issues with chunks of grain, air pockets etc. But also monitor the nice clear wort returning to the top at standing height. Probably overkill but hey, it's installed like this and ready to go. Both have 1/2" SS male camlocks for easy connection to most peoples brew systems.

Has an integrated Mashmaster temperature dial (large one that is easy to read) for measuring the middle of the mash bed. Because of this you could use this as a single infusion tun if you do not have RIMS or HERMS. Or purchase this as an upgrade to an esky mash tun with a plan to later add RIMS or HERMS, or use as is for infusion :)

Finally the mash recirculation return is a 1/2" SS male camlock, I had this to some silicone tubing connected to the SS Brewtech sparge/recirculation ring/manifold, however this worked so well I am keeping it for my new SS Brewtech Infussion tun and can highly recommend purchasing one for this. I can however include the female camlock and length of silicone tubing for this so you can either use just the tubing or add the manifold or a custom made manifold etc. But the SS Brewtech manifold is NOT included, only shown in the photos for reference.

Total volume (brim capacity): 65 Litres
Dimensions: 570H (inc. lid) x 510W (Excl. handles/valves) or 640 (Incl. valves)

Some photos of the unit along with some brew day action shots to show the nice clear wort it can produce. This will serve you well :)

Price $500 (think this is reasonable with quality valves, false bottom and pickup almost equal to that amount brand new).

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Some more photos... one showing just how far I pushed the volume on this baby....!!


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