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ok ive got a blonde on at the moment im planning on racking it and cold conditioning it. heres the questions
1. do i rack in to a secondary then in to a cube or do i just rack straight in to the cube?
2. at what temp do i cc it at?
3. how long do i leave it before racking and ccing?
please help me as i have no idea
What gravity is the beer at? and has the gravity stabilised? If so, rack straight to the cube, and CC at the lowest temp you can for 2-4 weeks (depending on your patience).

If the beer still needs to drop a few points, try putting it into a secondary for a week or so, then CC from there.
ok the lowest temp is about 0 degrees in my barfridge is that ok or do i do it at 4 degrees. but ill check the gravity next tuesday and then i might add the finnings depending on the reading.
i have been brewing high ish grav wits recently ....6 to 7% alc. Taste great but trouble is they are mostly drunk by the time they reach their peak.

4 to 6 weeks cold conditioning i have found gets them at their best. Lower grav beers would prob be a bit less.
what temps do you use gunter
its sitting at 1020 at the moment but will take another reading on sunday when i get back
Barls: for temperatures the lower the better generally. A lower temperature will help the yeast drop out of suspension faster, and give a cleaner, clearer beer.

Just dont freeze it, its not good for it.
ok it will be sitting just under the barfridge frezzer so ill put it at about 4-6 degrees then
ok i racked it yesterday cause it was still sitting about 1020 and its very cloudy so i might leave it in the secondary for a week
its now been in the secondary for about a week and is still very cloudy and is sitting at 1015, so at least its going down. might test it again in about another 4 days and then in to the cube and fridge.
btw is it normal for a blonde to ferment so slow i mean its at the 10 day mark and still sitting on 1015 and it been about 20 degrees most of the time.
barls said:
its now been in the secondary for about a week and is still very cloudy and is sitting at 1015, so at least its going down.
Did U mention the yeast or the recipe?
Wheat malt will "throw" haze at lower temps.
Maybe the yeast has finished its job and sat down for a siesta. Maybe its a slow yeast in the home stretch.

More info please!

Seth (Am I being 2 serious here?)
its the yeast that came with it and it says 514 ale yeast
i thnk it may of been sleeping cause its slowly going down so we will see
Hi Barls
Currently experiencing a similar cloudy brew with the 514.
Had to use it for the first time on the w/e in an emergency (3 pkts Safale S-04 + scissors + 3 yr old kid + dog's water bowl = :angry: )

Doing an extract + grain IPA (OG 1.065) and after 4 days in the primary it still looks like peanut butter. S-04 is usually fairly clear by this time. I figured the 514 was just having some extra fun with the higher OG.

Any body know any details about this yeast - attenuation / flocculation / origin?

Be interesting to know how long it usually takes to clear.
it was fairly clear when i racked it for ccing its now in my fridge at 8 degrees and ill drop the temp again tomorrow to 4 degrees. it was at about 13 days when i put it in the cube

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