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On Sunday i put down and xtract pilsner kit, and there are a few problems. First off i filled it to 22.5 litres but it seems very watered down in its colour and taste. Also i had it brewing in a fermenter that i havent used for a while and im begining to think that it might be the cause of the problem. There doesnt seem to be an infection but it has a really off smell. So i had to take action, I tipped the entire contents into a clean fermenter, sludge and all. I know i shouldnt of done it but i felt it was the only thing i could do. Its still fermenting now but im wondering if it is still salvagable? Has anyone else had these problems brewing an Xtract pilsner.

Thanks in advance, Scotty
If you lashed out and decided to use a lager yeast then your strain may be giving off sulphur. This is normal and will dissipate with conditioning.

Looking at a beer will never give you a reliable OG reading. What was your hydrometer reading or your recipe?

The Xtract Pilsner comes with a Saflager S-23 as standard ... and the can actually says to make it up to 20 litres.

The Xtract Pilsner gets rave reviews but under these circumstances I would be surprise if it turns out clean ... could be lucky thou.
The "off smell" was to be expected from a lager yeast , like rotten eggs

With a bit off luck it'll still be Ok

I did use a lager yeast but it was not the problem as i know what the rotten egg smell is like. This is much different smell. DAMN it i should have read the label and only filled it to 20 litres. I also think all these things are to blame on my fermenter as i think there is bacteria in the plastic and it is making that off smell.

Thanks for your replys, Scotty

If the ordinary OG bothers you, boil up some LME, cool it down and add it to the fermenter.

As far as dormant plastic fermenters go. It's always better to give them an overnight soak in napisan and some hot water if they've been lying around for any length of time.

Main reason I use glass.

Warren -

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