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Merry New Year to you all.

I am plannning on ringing Clancy's again in the next week or so to firm up an arrangement for a humble get together at their place on 17 January 2004. I need a rough idea of numbers.

The plan is that everyone brings a long neck or similar quantity of something nice to drink from their cellar. We eat some lunch and, after drinking our own beer, have a few from Clancy's selection which was pretty good last time I looked.

The last time I spoke to the manager, she was OK with that arrangement but said something about corkage. I will try to arrange for corkage to come off the first round of purchased drinks or something like that. We may simply end up paying a corkage fee.

Please post if you think you will probably be coming so I can let them know numbers.

Count me in !

...and thanks for doing the leg-work Deebee
Yep I'll be there ... not sure about what I can bring, either a grassy bitter or a very young LCPA that I am brewing today.
If you don't want to bring any brews or don't have any to spare, just come anyway. The last meet was relaxed and friendly. Clancy's is a great venue with an excellent choice of beers on tap. I love talking about brewing and it's even better while drinking good beer.

I would love to taste some bad home brews and hear more experienced brewers diagnose the problem. One of the things that bugs me is not always knowing why a brew didn't come out as planned.

Bring good beer, bring bad beer, bring no beer, but come along anyway.
and dont forget some photos deebee.
im hanging out to get down that way again.
Just to whet the appetitie, I went to Clancy's last night for a few drinks (very pleasant). The following are the WA brews on tap:

Beez Neez (Sail & Anchor) - a Honey Wheat
Bohemian Pilsner (Sail & Anchor)
Belgian Wit (Feral Brewing)
Bug Ocean (BUG) - a Pale Ale I think
Nail Ale (Nail)
Wils Pils (Bootleg Brewing)
Sou-West Wheat (Bootleg Brewing)
and of course LCPA

... it could be a long day
Cant be certain but at the moment it looks like I will be here so count me in.
Well I hope you all enjoy it , you can make it a trial for when I arrive in March !!
:chug: :unsure: :ph34r:
Just pushing this up the list for anyone who hasn't replied yet.

What about you Kook? Chatty? Others in Perth on 17/1?
May as well push it up the list again.

How did you get on with the booking Deebee? Ok to bring some brews?

The grassy brew has mellowed and I am now enjoying it :D I also just racked a skunk fart and it is tasting great, first time using chinook ... I think I will have to gas some up and bring it along for a nice hit of hops :p
I will check the forum again this afternoon then ring clancys.

It looks like 5 have said yes under this thread, but kook said before that he would come on that date so I'll allow for him and maybe a couple of other latecomers. Do what you can to rustle up any interest.

Goat, if you end up going to the WC Brewers meeting, see if anyone is interested.
OK I have rung Clancy's and here is the deal:

I have booked for 6-10. Shouldn't be a drama to change that.
We can each bring one bottle, beyond that they will charge corkage.
The manager on the day is Kim and if any staff member questions the BYO arrangement, refer them to Kim and he will sort it out.
They open at 12 so I propose we get there at 12.30.

She said one bottle so that kind of limits us to longnecks unless anyone fancies paying corkage. Could always fish out that Grolsch magnum you were saving for a special occasion???

See ya there.
Good work Deebee. I'm looking forward to it.

I though Kim was a man... That is to say, I thought that Kim is the name of the chap that served us last time - the friendly one with a passion for beer and served us with a soda water shot to clear the palate.... hmmm
Yeah that bloke was great. Free tasters of stuff on tap. Soda shooters. Very cool.

Kim IS a man. I spoke to Annie who spoke to Jane and called me back. Annie and Jane will not be there that day but they will tell Kim about it.

I think that's right.
does sound like a "BIG" day out.
6 in the morn till 10 at night
Great stuff deebee, I guess it should be easy to spot people wondering about with longnecks as well :huh:
Hey guys..

Sorry about the delays in replying. I've been lazing around down south in Augusta. Tasting (and drinking!) wine, catching (and eating) fish, and generally being a lazy *******!

I'll be along anyway! I'll find a couple bottles to bring with :)
You are definatley excused - a very good reason.... What did you catch?

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