Ok I'm Bored Let's Do A Speed Baib

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Start 7.11 Queensland and mexican time, photos to come :p
OK, I'm hooked! Another brewing variation, ie "BAIB". You're emulating commercial 'swill'? eg. BAIB = brew as if beer....?
Urn filled and heating, mill set up and grain weighed. There may be some lag because my shitty Kodak seems to crash the Internet for some reason and I have to keep restarting. No wonder they went bust.


Hopefully the mash is on! What are you Brewing?
Grain milled at 7.53


Dough in 8.00

Now mashed in at 66 degrees (8.11) and timer set for one hour.


I'm doing a Tetley's style for serving on smoothflow with my on-its-way nitro setup

4kg TF Perle
a tad of Caraaroma

Goldings and Northdown.

Around 4% ABV, a bit weak for my taste but nice quaffing.


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Now you've got me thinking about the freedom of bulk buying grain instead of as I go....................... <_<
Tetleys, thats West not East, and porported to be maidens water?
Tetleys is Yorkshire, or was till the cnuts at Carlsberg closed down the Leeds Brewery.

So not West or East, my Yorkshire is at the

Sorted out the hops, a single addition of Goldings and Northdown (signature of Tetleys) then a tad more Northdown dry hopped for the citrussy clean tang. ;)

The Northdown are new season from Ross, nearly wept when I opened the foil and sniffed.

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Unwrap and stick in the immersion heater and get up to mashout. No penalty here as you are going to heat the thing to boiling anyway, but constant pumping up and down required to get that sweet wort out of the husks, but only take it to 78 to avoid tannin extraction.


Hoist and bring to boil.


Listen to my Goddess for a while

Mix up and hydrate some Brew Bright and get out the yeast nutrient (The brown stuff, from Rosscoe - excellent source of Zinc, boron, unobtanium etc)
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She boil


Fit a Ross 2 ft square grain bag as a hop swimming pool and pitch hops. All the heat of the boil has to go through the bag and gives the hops a good seeing to. The bag retains the hop pellet debris very well.


Set timer

Groove with for a while
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Now you've got me thinking about the freedom of bulk buying grain instead of as I go....................... <_<

I brewed many a fine drop using milled malt batches from CB but since I got a mill and grain by the sack it is indeed a freedom. The other advantage is that the spec grains - which I buy exclusively from CB - last almost indefinitely in the husk here in SEQ - I recently came across some of my old milled grains such as Carared that must be a year old at least and they smelled like guinea pig food whilst the whole grains are as new.

Edit: local topknot pigeons were grateful, they know where to come :p - also you don't need to be in a bulk buy, single sack rates aren't too bad - not as good as a BB but well worthwhile.
Boiled and Brew Bright added, let it settle down for a while then cube.

Stroll down to my for a while
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We have wort


I'll post OG shortly if I can find refrac

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