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Hi all, having some issues with a Ginger Beer Kit from below:
Batch made to the instructions on the bottle but only half the quantity (went for a 10L brew as I'm restricted in space in the apartment)
I added 1kg of raw sugar and pitched the ec1118 and have let it go for 5 days. Problem with this has been I accidentally splashed some starsan into my yeast while I was getting started and I'm worried I killed a fair bit of it (poor work area set up and some butter fingers, next time the yeast is going to sit on the other side of the house to get ready).
OG was approx 1.048 but I don't trust this as I have beek using a dodgy hydrometer from a Coopers kit with the bent bit of tube they supply to measure. Fermentation started ok, about a 4mm thick layer of foam on the top while i've let it go around 23C

I tested the gravity last night and it was only down to 1.035, is there anything I can do to boost the speed of my fermentation?
Should I throw in a new pack of yeast and some nutrient and start praying?
Are there any little hacks you might have tried in the past to turbocharge a ginger beer ferment aside from more heat, more yeast etc?

Hoping to get this into bottles by Monday night to have it ready fo my girlfriend's birthday at the end of the week. I'll be ripping though the nearest home brew shop on my way home this arvo.

Made a rookie mistake of not adding yeast nutrient initially, put some into a decent yeast starter I knocked together and it came out great, took 2 days to go to just about dry then bottled and was carbed in a 3 days. Little over carved for the first day or two but after that the bottles opened up fine without any overflow. Really happy with flavour, if a little sweet
I don't think the starsan did anything, its doesn't actualy harm yeast in normal consentrations, i think you just need time!, my last and only ginger beer took 2 weeks to fully ferment!

Best thing you can do is just let it sit, and drive by the gasstation for another gift for your girlfriend ;).

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