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  1. KegLand-com-au

    How to brew the best alcoholic ginger beer!

    This thread is how to brew the best ginger beer irrespective of how you get the job done. So making ginger beer from kits, raw ingredients or pretty much any way you can think of. The main kits in Australia are the Morgans, Magrove Jacks, Hoppy Days, Mad Millie and we are keen to get your...
  2. N

    Ginger Beer - The need for nutrient.

    I am in a slight pickle. I was wanting to put on a 23/24L ginger beer today and previously bought a packet of Mad Millie ginger beer yeast (with nutrient) however have realised it will only make 13.5L. I have two coopers kit yeasts and some safale US-05 yeast. Can I use the ginger beer yeast...
  3. W

    Fixing a Potentially Stuck Ginger Beer

    Hi all, having some issues with a Ginger Beer Kit from below: Batch made to the instructions on the bottle but only half the quantity (went for a 10L brew as I'm restricted in space in the apartment) I...
  4. RazorRoy1

    New Member: Ginger Beer

    Hi Brewers, New to brewing, but have been experimenting with Ginger Beer brews. Here is one im happy with, with few obvs for others who are keen to give it a try.. Recipe: 850g mature ginger 1/3 cup of lime juice Zest of 2 lemons 3/4 of morgans ginger malt syrup 2 cinnemon sticks 750g...
  5. G

    Scratch ginger beer, no sweetness

    G'Day Team, Love the forum and read it regularly and thought I would post a problem (opportunity) i came across with my scratch ginger beer. Since no longer being able to procure the coopers tins for my old faithfull ginger beer i thought i would have a crack at a ginger beer from scratch. My...
  6. M

    Ginger Beer- no action

    Hello, This is my first ever kit without help from my dad, so please, bear with me. I have made a ginger beer purely from a kit. (Thought there was no reason to mix it up the first time). There was a little bit of movement in the bubbler/ airlock in the beginning but it just seems to have...
  7. S

    Help with first time brewing, not carbonated.

    This is my first time brewing, I made Morgan's Ginger Beer and followed the non-alcoholic recipe. This involved adding the mix, sugar, yeast, nutrient and stirring and waiting. I then bottled it and the recipe said specifically said not to add sugar to the bottles, which I assumed meant the...
  8. michael_aussie

    Calculating equivalent sugars

    How do I calculate equivalent sugars? The kit I'm intending to use calls for 1kg of dextrose. I'm planning to use some left over dark malt extract (900g). How much white sugar (yes I know that is sacrilege) should I add to make it equivalent to 1kg of dextrose. The kit I'm intending to make...
  9. S

    Mangrove Jacks Ginger Beer pouch.

    Hey So I put down a MJ pouch just over a week ago. I'd made the Coopers ones before but the first time I did a MJ, it was super dry. I figured it was because I hadn't used the sweetener sachet (as far as I'm aware the Coopers kit had the sweetener premixed). This time I used the sweetener, but...
  10. P

    My first alcoholic GB: recipe, method & result

    For anyone interested I'd appreciate any comment: Rather long post: Peter’s Home Brew Alcoholic Ginger Beer for Keg dispensing. After fermentation I will be placing in a Cornelius ball lock 19 litre keg, for forced carbonation & maturation. Target brew quantity is 19 + 1 = 20 litres, thus...
  11. D

    Anyone fermented ginger beer without removing the ginger?

    Hi folks, All I can find on fresh ginger beer recipes is steeping the ginger, and removing that ginger b4 fermenting. Anyone tried fermenting without removing the ginger? Hoping it may increase the ginger effect due to the excessive exposure? Thanks in advance. :-)
  12. N

    Help a ginger beer beginner out please - really low SG

    Hi guys, First time posting here, and first time trying a ginger beer. Followed a recipe I found online which had decent reviews (outlined below). Long story short, my SG was only 1.020. Bit confused because expected it to be a lot higher (was going for a fairly high ABV ginger beer). Any...
  13. A

    Ginger Beer Recipe Discussion and Thoughts?

    So i need an expert opinion on my recipe i am thinking of using. My goal is to make 23-25L of sweet ginger beer with an ABU of 5-8+%. Recipe - all fresh will freze fruit to break down cell walls 1.5 -2 kg DLME 1kg Dextrose S0-4 Yeast? (15-20g?) Should i use brown sugar or maltodextrine...