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  1. harpskeleton


    Hello guys, I am looking to get into home brewing, and have been doing some research into what I will need to get me started, but am looking for confirmation that I have all the necessary bases covered. I have decided to go for a Guten all-in-one system for a variety of reasons, a couple being...
  2. BennyBrew

    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    So I recently cracked open my first bottle of an American Pale Ale I brewed using a basic recipe I got from the 'Brew A Batch' home brew book. Details below: Base Malt: 1.5kg Coopers 'Light' LME 1.5kg Briess CBW Munich LME Hops: 45g Cascade (6.5% AA) 60 min. boil Yeast: Nottingham Ale Bulk...
  3. unyeasted

    Carbonation disappointment - I need some advice

    Hi all, So I’ve just started out, real green beginner here. Bought myself a coopers brew kit, brewed the lager it comes with, and have since enjoyed a well carbonated, head-retaining beer. I used brew enhancer 1, that’s it, no extras. Followed the coopers DYI oversimplistic instructions, except...