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What size bottles for the NSW AHB Xmas Case ?

  • 375 ml bottles please

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  • 500 ml bottles please

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  • 750 ml bottles please

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  • Don't Care

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I'll contribute to the NSW case.
What exactly is this xmas case thing? I'd like to be involved by the sounds of it but require more information on how it works? :huh:
I'll be in for the NSW case.
I'm in.
I'll brew something up especically for the NSW Xmas case.

I'll give it a go. Can someone please explain nice and s-l-o-w-l-y for us up the back :lol: exactly how it all works? Sounds like a lot of fun though. Count me in...

OK, just seen the 'common topic thread' with all the info :rolleyes: I'm up to speed now. Sounds like an excellent idea!

Yeh, I'm in too. Would be great to try such a homebrew variety pack.

Just read the common thread sound like a good idea, i'd say NSW will get alot of people contributing, where do we draw the line at how many cases each one of us are contributing? And where do we ship the cases to?
Im in...........
I'll be putting on the thinking cap as what to brew hmmmm.
So its stubbies, not long necks yeah?
Bring on santa !
homebrewworld.com said:
So its stubbies, not long necks yeah?
Bring on santa !

Personally I'm happier with longnecks, but am happy to go with the group decision. :)

homebrewworld.com....the common thread seems to mention the use of longnecks.
i'll be in, sounds like a great idea...
who is NSW co-ordinator..?

edit: I'd prefer longnecks too.
pint of lager said:
I'm in!

Better start saving up some stubbies.

NSW's gain is our (SA's) loss :(

We will miss your contribution PoL, good to see you go to a good home though :lol:

awrabest, stu
She can contribute to both!
My vote is for stubbies, simply because then we can save one and see what it tastes like a few weeks/months later. On the other hand, practically, would the longnecks be easier to post etc?

Confused myself anyway. What do you think?

My main reason for wanting the longnecks is because they are easier to post. The Aussie Post foam wine bottle packs take a longneck perfectly and I haven't had any break sending them around the countryside so far. I also bottle mainly in longnecks. Having said that, if stubbies are the popular choice then I'm happy to go with them just let me know.

I have a preference for longnecks too, as that is what I have the most number of bottles.

As for numbers 6 members would work for 2 longnecks per member per case. 12 members would work best with 1 longneck per member per case as I'd image two cases each would get a bit hard logistically.

For a central point, I'd imagine it would work best to base it nearest the majority of the members. ie. If most are in Newcastle then someone in Newcastle etc.

Doc, thanx for saving me with the "poll" debacle. :rolleyes:

How many people have we got in NSW now... would be good to get a full range of 12 seperate brewers.
By my reckoning we have 9 so far.



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