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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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It's a long weekend this weekend so what are you guys brewing?

I'm going to be doing a double AG brew day on the Saturday (then off for a bucks night starting at a German restaurant).

First brew is my first attempt to clone the James Squire Australian Strong Ale. Got myself some Crystal Wheat to go in it.

The second brew will be a wheat beer (weizen). I've brewed the weizen before, but this time I'm adding more hops.

why are you wasting time here, doc?

i will be brewing a partigyle, wit and stout

may add cocoa to the stout, unless there is some real raw wheat tang to the stout

I'll be bottling a kit pilsener thats be in the fridge for 6 weeks.

I might get a starter of bavarian lager yeast going for an ESB 3kg bav lager kit too
I'm brewing up another batch of American Pale Ale. Its just an extract brew plus some grain steeping. I'm using POR for bittering and Cascade for the rest.. Whitelabs Californian Ale 5 to do the deeds.

Then I'll bottle one thats ready now and rack another for conditioning.. Then I'm of fishing with the kids..
Same here Linz for the Kit Pilsner. Needs to be bottled.

Also thinking of bottling my Amber Ale, but I'll see. Hoping to give that Cherry Porter that PMYRES posted way back. Looks like it my be a good one to put down now for next winter.
I'm having a lazy one. Although I've got a long shopping list for the brew shop (I buy in bulk and save up for the trips to Sydney), I'll just be chucking on an American Pale Ale Fresh Wort kit.

I'm buying an extra fermenter too and once I finish using the LME in my 25l pail, I'll have a total of 4! Serious brewing this summer. I plan on a brew per week until everything is full then starting a new one as soon as I bottle a batch. So many bottles to fill!
hmm while everyone else will enjoy their long weekend brewing poor me gets hit with three gigs on long weekends.

but i get the week days off.this week as most people will guess i have done a american pale ale o.g 1.054. ibu 45.
with the new joe white traditional malt.

next week iam looking at doing a english strong ale ie.old perculiar type thing.
never done one before but iam sitting here wishing i had some to drink.
has anyone on here done one before?
Planning on doing another JS Amber Ale copy. Refining a recipe I'm already pretty happy with.

Old Peculiar Recipee.


The Grumpys Old Peculiar Kit is really good.
You are supposed to leave it for 12-18 months.

I only have a few stubbies left - 6 months old.
If we catch up soon, might be able to bring some over...
i did the grumpies old.exept i made it up to 0.g 1.060.so a little bit low.
i drank the keg very soon aswell.
all though i found some stubbies hiding for six months and they were great very good.the keg i drank early was a little biscuit like whereas the stubbies were awesome.only not quite a strong ale.
I made an Old Smoky:
coopers old ale kit
500g Hoepfner malt
750g of pale malt
some (?) dried extract
"deliverance" yeast (a blend of S04 and S33 sold locally for $1.50 per 11g pack)

Also a stout:
Coopers real ale kit,
250g roast barley
750g dark DME
250g light DME
250g corn syrup
1084 Wyeast Irish ale yeast
Well good ol' WA had the long weekend last weekend ... farken useless ... but I am planning a brew anyway, going for an ordinary bitter of sorts should be something like:

3.3kg Pale Malt
200g Crystal 120
200g Wheat Malt

30g Northern Brewer @ 60min
2 plugs E.Kent @ 15 min
2 plugs E.Kent @ 5 mins

Whitbread Ale Yeast

Still thinking on this so it will probably change ;)
absoultyl bugger all i have to much beer to drink 19 cartons i have so i wait till next month to do apa then a 5 month break till the weather cools then i start again
G'day Doc,

Put down a Bavarian Lager - see other thread...

Next brew will be a wheat beer using my last can in the cupboard!

I haven't won tattslotto yet, so I dont have any kegs, and I'm running out of bottles - will be busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest getting enough stubbies and tallies for the brews I have in fermentation!! Just have to hook in and create a few empties over this weekend - whilst watching the Grand Final!


TL :chug:
Brew day is over.
Just finished two All Grain batches.

Assistant brewer for the day was my 13 month old son, while my wife went shopping.

The assistant brewer got me up early so I mashed in the first one at 7am.

All cleaned up from both brews at 3:45pm

The Australian Strong Ale (James Squire clone) looks and smells great.

The wheat is a beautiful golden colour and once the hefeweizen yeast has done its job on it the taste should be sensational.

Hope everyone elses brew day has gone well too.


PS: You know you are organised when you can brew two AG brews in day and look after a 13 month old boy and still be calm and have your sanity at the end of the day.
top work there doc.i have done three ag's in one day it took 12 hours.i used to do at least two a brew day.i don't much anymore because i do batches twice the size now.
in future iam gunna mash the second in a seperate tun while the first is sparging.then while the first is boiling sparge the second to a seperate container(fermentor) which will be ready to go in the kettle after the first has finished.
is this pretty much what you do? i used to mash in the same tun while the first is boiling but doing it my new way will save a couple of hours having the second mash finished and sparged by the time the first is cooled.
so really it will only take another couple hours for the boiling and cooling etc.
Bascially I have two boilers.
So when I've finished the the first sparge I clean out the MLT and refil the HLT.
By the time the HLT is up to temp the first brew has just come to the boil. I dough in the second with about 10mins of difference of the start of the boil on the first.
When the boil is finished on the first it gets 10 mins of cooling before I move it (and continue cooling) and put the second boiler in its place.
I'll do a three AG brew day when I don't have to mind the assistant brewer (13 month son) as well :lol:

Just wondering how the brew weekend is going lads? I've been stuck here at bloody uni all weekend and am itching to do some brewing
Well, I was feeling jealous of all you guys planning brews over the weekend, and I couldn't stand seeing an idle fermenter, so I popped down to the supermarket (HBS was closed) and picked up 2 cans of Coopers Classic Old Dark. To these I added 250g cara aroma, 150g chocolate malt and 25g fuggles. Coopers yeast from the can and voila....brew down in 20 mins. Too easy! Man that Coopers yeast is mad stuff - I had foam blowing out the airlock last night!

- Snow

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