Light Dme Or Amber Dme For Coopers Style Ales

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Hi All, I'm planning on doing a ~22Kg of DME with the intention of making coopers style sparkling ales. I've seen recipes mostly around LDME and some with Thomas Coopers Amber Malt (liquid). The crystal in the amber malt seems to lend itself well to the pale ale style but I'd just thought I'd ask for confirmation before parting with a fair bit of coin.

OK, looking at some other posts there's advice encouraging LDME as it's a bit more versatile and possibly will lead to more more consistent outcomes as the amount of crystal can be controlled. I think I've answered my own question!
One thing to be careful with is that LDME can (but not always) give a wicked chill haze, the liquids you referred to don't seem to suffer from this, especially the Thos Coopers / Morgans which are mashed and boiled for home brew purposes only. LDME is mainly used in confectionery etc so you can be unlucky.

If you are making Coopers style pale ales with the recultured bottle yeast to make something like Coopers commercial beer, shouldn't be an issue for you. But you can always cold condition with some polyclar before bottling or kegging.

On the other side of the coin, the LDME is more stable - the tins of liquid can darken with age and if you buy a bulk cheap lot from somewhere they may be unloading stale stock onto you.

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