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Hi all,

First post and pretty new to brewing and dispensing.
Just bought a second hand Ice Bank chiller with four lines and 1000w compressor.

Looking at building a small bar and plumbing it up to two kegs with a chilled tap/tower on the bench above the kegs.

Wondering what size hoses I should be using 1) For the C02, 2) from the keg to the ice bank, and 3) from the ice bank to the taps.

It looks like previously they've used two different diameter lines for inlet/outlet.


Any advice is appreciated.

OK, it looks like you have a 4 coil or 4 independent product lines of beer chiller coils there, plus a chilled water pump outlet that can go to the flooded font, and then returns back to the reservoir via (from what I can see) is the larger pipe in the foreground. If you don't use a flooded font, then you have to bridge the outlet to the inlet so the chilled water circulates inside the water reservoir.
The smaller pipes are for the product (beer or what ever), so there should be a matching numbered inlet and outlet for each of the 4 coils you can see.
There is no CO2 happening here, that is plugged into the kegs to provide the push to get the beer up to the taps and maintain the bubbles in the beer itself.

Yep 4 coils and a chilled water pump.
The large pipe at the front of the unit is just the overflow.

What size lines should I be using for the inlet and outlet?
And from the CO2 cannister to the keg?
Right, well there should be a return inlet for the chilled water somewhere, and it depends what the set up is in the font is what you have to work with, probably have to reduce the diameter down, or maybe a bi-pass arrangement that circulates a percentage straight back to the tank. It won't worry the pump if doesn't have full flow.
CO2 lines can be anything you like, but usually a low to medium pressure stiff plastic air hose 6~8mm, but really, anything that copes with about up to 20psi. Have a look at the regulator outlet and go with that size, a visit to your local home brew shop will put you in the picture.

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