(Syd) Glycol chiller - Glycol / Icebank / Temprite for kegs and flooded fonts etc

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Hi all,
Planning to put this up on Gumtree/ebay soon, any interest? Happy to be corrected on the possible uses 👍

CIG Maxichill for sale.
Could be used in several ways in the home brewery or a bar. I bought this secondhand with no definite project in mind... and it won’t really fit in the brew shed so time for someone else to have a go.

This unit has a large tank to hold water or glycol which is cooled by a compressor. It has two separate heat exchange coils that sit in the cooled liquid allowing you to connect two kegs and taps to dispense your beer.

Some other possible uses:

During brewing
- Cooling your hot wort before fermenting
- Cooling the water that feeds your heat exchanger

During fermentation
- Control fermentation temperature (using a jacketed fermenter or an immersed coil)

To serve
- Connect keg(s) and taps to dispense nice cold beer
- Could be used to cool beer lines (beer python) and a flooded font

Or anywhere else you want some “liquid coldness” delivered

Width: 74cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 79cm

Has been tested and freezes water easily around the coils, which remained frozen overnight even with the power off. The pump which recirculates the coolant works. Note that one leg is bent but should be an easy fix (see pic)

Pick up only from Sydney

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