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FS: Brew Gear (lots of lots) - Sydney

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Everything is now sold/spoken for, thanks all.

The only thing that remains is the Italian Bench Capper/some caps - and that is now free to anyone looking to upgrade a hand capper or free themselves from the tyranny of PET bottles.

I'll take the cap
hsb I know someone who will really appreciate it.
Assembled in her new home, looks the goods, excited to get the electrics all firing and a wet test. Thanks again hsb.

!!! Great job! Looks the goods, you've got the sight glass on already too.
And the HLT - reunited at last.

Hope you three (!) had an OK journey home, made it up that hill OK obviously.
Thanks for sending the pic.

I've been wrapped up in work the last couple of days, so haven't got round to sending you those links re: BCS.

This is the - how to get the BCS connected page:

And this is the more complete Wiki on how to program it/use it.

There's a dedicated forum attached to that website too, that always seemed very responsive to any questions I had:

Best of luck getting it making beer - hope your peanut butter one turns out free from peanut butter taste too ;-)

Thanks hsb, on behalf of all your customers, for the opportunity to help you divest yourself of these quality brew goods.

Yeah thanks HSB, that blichmann gun works a treat. Much easier to use than my ghetto cpbf. Now the outlaws can't complain about the "shit in the bottom of the bottle" this Christmas.
A frightening lack of alcohol consumption! It was only me drinking it and very slowly to the point that I felt it was a waste having all this gear tied up doing nothing.

Maybe I'll be back brewing some day, be in for a fair bit of gear if I do! :lol:

Glad the gear (now all gone) has gone to good homes, great to meet you all.
Good to hear the gun is doing the biz roastin - I found bumping the gas up just a little the night before bottling helped hit the sweet spot too.
You can always put a bit of 'gunk' in there before bottling for the outlaws if they still complain this year lol.

And @goldenchild - thanks for the Imperial Porter and Orval clone - they were both fantastic!

Top work - the IP was far smoother than the big ABV it carried suggested it should be and went down a treat.
The Orval clone was nailed on - the carbonation, mouthfeel, the Brett, it was indistinguishable from the real thing - I'll take a dozen more mate!!!
Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I can't open any of your attached images - Dropbox file not found. Would love to see that badass setup.

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