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Equipment For Sale FS: 160L 3v electric herms - Newcastle

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Newcastle, Australia
Build thread is here and has plenty of info - New Brewery Build

It's been extremely reliable, I have plenty of spares to go with it... parts list below but I am sure I have missed some:

1 x 130L HLT with 50ft coil for herms recirculation
1 x 130L mash tun with stainless false bottom
1 x 170L kettle 1 x blichmann auto sparge in MT
1 x huge stainless hop basket
BCS-460 controller
4 x temp probes from controller
4 x heating element shrouds brewers hardware (these were 350USD alone)
3 x march pumps 809 or 815
1 x march nano unused (worth about $1200)
Electric ball valves, a mix of 2-way and 3-way valves with some spares
Heating elements with a couple spare
All tri-clover fittings throughout A heap of spare fittings and bits and bobs
"ChillOut" 30 plate Wort Chiller
Control panel with all relays and wiring to power valves, pumps and heating elements. Will provide the cabling to run to your panel (you will need an electrician to wire it in).

Happy to do a demo run through for any serious interest, can also provide more photos.

Priced to sell - $5,000

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