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    Ice Bank Chiller - What hose size should I be using

    Hi all, First post and pretty new to brewing and dispensing. Just bought a second hand Ice Bank chiller with four lines and 1000w compressor. Looking at building a small bar and plumbing it up to two kegs with a chilled tap/tower on the bench above the kegs. Wondering what size hoses I should...
  2. C

    Beer font lights

    Gday all. recently acquired a perroni and great northern fonts. Both have lights in them but the wires have been cut when removed from wherever they were taken from. The perroni font says 12v on the wires so I’m wanting be able to wire it backup to plug in to the home 240v socket. Anyone be...
  3. S

    Wort spillage through open tap

    Hi all, I've recently made by second batch of home brew using a basic starter kit. Following a recipe kit I started the wort on the stovetop by boiling a Brewblend, Wheat Malt Powder and 2.5L of water. After steeping the hops for 20 minutes, I emptied this into the fermenter and annoyingly...
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    Beer tap issues

    Hi, Ive just tapped my first keg and pouring speed is fine. Sitting 12-14 psi The only issue i have is when i open the tap, or in my case a stainless steel pluto gun. Im getting a high pressure spike which is blowing beer and froth everywhere on initial opening. Im opening the gun quick like i...
  5. J

    Beginner! Fermenter setup question

    Hi Guya beginner to all this, this is probably simply answered but when I went to start today, after sanitising everything I went to put in the tap at the bottom of the fermenter, but there’s is a plug that is sitting in its place, does anyone know how to remove it? Cheers Jim
  6. K

    Massive brewery sale - SS Brewtech, PID, HERMS, Mash tun, kegs etc

    Hi everyone, I am selling off all my brew gear. Struggling for time mixed with other priorities. I have photos of everything taken today, just ask if you need more details. Everything is sold as-is. I can post, but buyer covers all postage costs and I can only post on weekends. Express post...