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  1. G

    Immersion Chiller SS 15m 1/2" with fittings

    Stainless Steel Immersion Chiller. Specs: 15m length 1/2" pipe diameter Copper compression fittings Gardena hose fittings. This plumbs straight up to garden hose with click fittings. Super convenient with no leaks. I've used it a few times but have recently upgraded my whole brewing system and...
  2. #brewlife

    HERMS Coil or CFC as HEX

    Hi guys, Im part way through my build and before i drill the holes in my kegs to install the herms coil i just wanted to ask a few questions and get some advice. There are a couple of threads with similar information but its hard drilling it down so hopefully someone has some direct advice...
  3. cliffo

    Counter Flow Wort Chiller

    Hi Guys, I currently use the immersion chiller that comes with the Robobrew but am considering a counter flow chiller. Would I see much of an improvement in terms of water required to chill and time taken to chill everything being equal? The immersion chiller works fine but performs much...