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g'day all,
I just chucked a Coopers IPA onto the yeastcake of a Coopers Sparkling that was racked to secondary.
I want to dry hop the IPA.
What is a good hop for this beer style and how much of it should I use?
I have an ounce of cascade in the fridge.
Are these ok with this style of beer or is there another recomended one?

I think Cascade will be good, Johnno.

You probably know this Johnno, but you are best off dry hopping in the secondary.

I have heard about doing this too but don't fully understand how it could work. Insn't the yeast cake at the bottom mean it's dead ?

and how does it ferment in comparsion to the dried yeast ?

I know that liquid yeasts are pretty pricey, so if this works why not use this all the time instead of buying it ?


Dry hop with Perle and/or Cascade if you want to make it an American Pale Ale.

For an Indian Pale Ale i dry hop with Northern Brewer and East Kent Goldings...EKG.

I have done both ways with this beer and they both turn out very good.
Use 40gms total as an American or 30 gms total as the IPA

I also boil POR - 20gms - with the 1.2kg of LME for 20min. with both styles.

Hope this helps
chuck in the cascade i love that hop also ihad another js ipa im not sure if i like goldings the first time i didnt but any way u can never have enough cascade
I gotta agree with Jazman one this one
Hmmm yes dryhopping an IPA is very traditional. since they were made from only pale malt it is easy to make them from extract (incl the extract in kits)

These ales were shipped to India, America, Oz and even kiwiland in sailing ships. This means those beers were heavily hopped (and even so a lot of IPA was only fit for pouring into the harbor when it arrived at its destination port)

A trad IPA has an OG 1060 to 1080, the better ones started at OG 1070. So, work out the extract needed to reach that OG. use the palest extract, Muntons extralight. Now hop it right up, 100-150g of pellet hops (traditionally Goldings, some cascade will give it a lovely nose) boiled for 60-90 minutes.

That beer will be real bitter. Rack off the yeast cake after seven days (a keeping beer is racked off the yeast ASAP) Rack into a secondary fermenter, filling it right up with the least amount of headspace, adding half a cup of white cane sugar and 90g of dryhops. A keg that can be purged of oxygen is excellent. Now keep the yeast active by shaking/rocking the secondary, keeping the ale in the secondary a few weeks. Bottle and lightly prime. After six months the excessive bitterness is likely starting to mellow and turn into falvinoids. yup a long time to wait but oh so luscious a reard at the end!

I boiled my IPA for 3 hours with 410g whole goldings back in Oct. it will be racked off the dryhops (90g whole goldings) and bottled in July, and the first bottle cracked open at Christmass! By which time there will be some other kegs with long term maturing beers in them in my cellar.

You can do it!

Jovial Monk
thanks for the info everyone,
I'll dryhop with the cascade as i have them. hope 1 ounce is enough.
JM i dont know if I can wait that long to drink it but i might put a few bottles aside to see how they turn out.

The trick is not patience but planning

Every few months brew a really strong beer, hop it well, overhop in fact then put that batch aside
After a year you always have a special batch becoming ready to drink.

3 cornies in my cellar, for bottling March, Aug & Oct
Beginning March, will add another one or two long term ageing kegs every 3 months or so. A big, traditional Baltic brown stout (the real Russianm Imperial Stout) will be the next big arse beer.

Jovial Monk
this cascade is beaut, bonza, you little ripper tasting hop.
had half a bottle after bottling last saturday. tasted it last night.
I'm loving it. Gotta be patient and wait couple more weeks though.

Glad to here so many of your brews are turing out well for you

Was not that long ago I remember you posting that your results were not what you had hoped for.

If your the same as me thanks go to all the help others give through this site

Great beers hey

:chug: :chug:
Thats right. A lot of my thanks goes to everyboby here.
When I joined this forum I was only up to my second and third brew. I was also visiting the Grumps site a lot as well but I dont go there too much these days. I'm not sure but it seems to have gotten a bit political over there at times :eek:
When I first started brewing here I had just done an Brewiser ale followed by a Coopers dark that were throwing me around a bit. They both turned out drinkable but the dark took ages which is normal I suppose.
Things are getting much better and still got lots to learn.

Thanks for all your help everybody.

cheers B)

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