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I'm going to have a shot at brewing this on the weekend.

All Marris Otter to 1050
EKG hops 35 to 40 IBU
WL 005

Has anyone else had a try at this beer. Not sure what the actual IBU on it is so if anyone has an authentic figure for this beer I would appreciate it.

Read about it here: http://www.hopback.co.uk/summer.html

TDA, this link may be of interest. I have a keg of the first recipe at the moment (minus sugar). Unfortunately it has a bit of diacetyl probably due to me racking it early during xmas when fridge space was tight. I have taken it out of the fridge and added a little more yeast to see if I can clear it up, tasting like a reasonable beer behind the diacetyl :( hope this fix works. (1098 Wyeast was used)

Can't comment on how close it is to summer lightning as I have only tried a bottled one a year ago and can't really remember except that I enjoyed it :)
i'm sure you'd get somewhere close with that recipe - 35 IBUS seems about right from when i tasted it. bitter but not OTT. i remember it was very salty and minerally in the mouthfeel. you might think about burtonising your water?

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