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G'day All,

I've made & bottled a simply stunning NEIPA two months ago and it's hitting peak drinkability just now. No issues with oxidation, my only issue is that when the bottles are transported before consumption then the yeast sediment is stirred up which makes the last 1/4 of the bottle quite intense & near undrinkable with hop burn. This isn't an issue when it's simply poured directly from the fridge but rinsing out each bottle results in a creamy green slurry coming out :p so I'm guessing it's method issues.

Recipe was Citra, Galaxy & Simcoe at about 4g/L in the whirlpool & 10g/L for dry hopping. Used verdant yeast strain & cold crashed (albeit with the Grainfather conical so only to 6 degrees) for 5 days before bottling. I'm guessing that my crash wasn't cold enough or for long enough to get out all the hop burn intensity...? As mentioned, it tastes wonderful but it just doesn't travel well - any ideas how I can avoid this intensity from getting into the bottles?

Cheers & Thanks!
You need to crash colder for longer, or look into filtering (absolutely not recommended IMO, but it's an option)

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