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  1. Hez


    I've tried making a very hoppy IPA three times with more or less the same result. All of them had been good drinkable beers, the second better than the first and the third better than the second, but all of them had the same problems: - too fruity (<- high fermentation temp) - very noticeable...
  2. Hez

    BIAB American Amber Ale

    Hi, For my next beer I want to make an American style Amber Ale. I've been reading and studying as usual... American Amber: Style Profile: https://byo.com/color/item/126-american-amber-style-profile American Amber Ale Recipes and Beer Style: http://beersmith.com/blog/2010/07/23/american-...
  3. Hez


    Hi, I have a lot of Chinook hops leftovers and I'd like to make an IPA. I was thinking about buying other hops but I eventually ran into a recipe called: "Chinook IPA". Apparently, it's so popular, Northen Brewer sells a kit for that but I'm doing BIAB and from scratch, as usual... I'm not...