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  1. L

    New to brewing will this recipe turn out right?

    Recipe NIEPA #1 Water: Distilled or RO water 5.6 grams gypsum 7.5 grams calcium chloride Grains: Maris Otter extra pale 1.75kg 2 row 1.75kg Flaked oats 2kg Flaked wheat 1kg Honey malt 0.5kg Carapils 0.5 Lactose 500g at end of boil Hops: 2 oz of citra + 1 oz mosaic + 1 oz...
  2. Luxo_Aussie

    Hop Burn on Bottled NEIPA

    G'day All, I've made & bottled a simply stunning NEIPA two months ago and it's hitting peak drinkability just now. No issues with oxidation, my only issue is that when the bottles are transported before consumption then the yeast sediment is stirred up which makes the last 1/4 of the bottle...
  3. J

    Help: hops blocking liquid post

    I’ve just kegged the G&G NEIPA FWK a couple of weeks ago and when I tried to sample it today, I found that the keg liquid post is blocking with hop matter. I’m using the coil-spring type ball-lock poppets (replaced them recently) and they tend to catch a build up of hops pretty quickly. This...