Fullers Esb Packaging To Get Facelift

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Luckily they are only changing the label :p


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Independent London brewer Fuller Smith & Turner is to relaunch its premium beer brand ESB for the first time in six years, with refreshed packaging by Parker Williams Design.

ESB - or Extra Special Beer - will lose its existing black and red circular marque, which will be replaced with a bold gold and royal blue shield. The livery will be applied to all bottle-labelling, as well as 3D pump clips for the hand-pulled product available in pubs and bars.

Parker Williams has also introduced the strapline Champion Ale, referencing the brand's history of awards, including Champion Beer of Britain and World Champion Bitter.

Fuller's brands marketing manager David Spencer says that ESB needed a fresher identity in order to reach a broader audience. 'We want to get the beer more widely known and looked at a number of ways to sum up what the brand is all about,' he explains. 'The phrase Champion Ale seemed to get to the heart of it better than any other.'

Parker Williams was awarded the project a year ago, without a pitch, on the basis of its five-year relationship with Fuller's. It is also working on 'various other projects' that will be launched in the coming months, according to Spencer.

Parker Williams design director Paul Carr claims: 'The design clearly sets ESB apart from its competitors, giving a renewed confidence.'

The packaging rolls out from 1 October, supported by a national advertising campaign and point-of-sale promotional material.
Is that a new press release? I guess it says 2005 ..... it's odd that it says from oct 1 as we already have the new packaging / label.
I'm glad they're not tinkering with the recipe, I love Fuller's ESB. As a matter of fact, I brewed one yesterday.
The change was made in Oct last year.

They've been in blue bottles since Christmas.

I havent seen the new pump clips though!

On a side note, I tried their IPA the other day, somewhat dissapointing :( Still a nice pint, but just didnt stand out. I'd prefer a pint of Chiswick or Porter anyday.

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