Using a 40L Electric Urn for BIAB - a guide

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Nice, where'd you pick that up from @Roosterboy? Does it drain well?
I had them made for me. It's sitting on a pull out little stand my son found. We sparge like that and it drains great.
We have put in it besides barley, oats , rice and seaweed . The 400 micron mesh filters it.
No , there is no issue with running down the outside of the urn.
Where did you have it made if you don't mind?
Overseas but if you want one , we have one that we have used a few times , it was spare from the last batch.
If your interested , I would sell it for $100.
Hi all, firstly I am a former kit brewer.
I always used good quality kits (no coopers/tooheys), good yeast, malt/dextrose. I had a decent keg setup, however had to dispose of tthe setup prior to the dv.
I was reading this, and I still have some 30L drums and a 30L 'Beer Boiler' with a concealed element, but a 40mm hole in the lid.
I saw mention of Strike Liquor, is this like the intial fermentation process with kit beers? Hops, crushed grain, yeast & water?
Hello! Does anyone have a guide on how to perform a thermal bypass for the boil dry switch?
Just going along with necro-ing this thread - what are people's thoughts on doing a BIAB sparging step in a separate vessel for super high gravity recipes. I am still brand new to AG and BIAB but I had a 10 kg grain bill in my 35L electric boiler with the goal of hitting 1.250 but only managed to get to 1.108. I was thinking about the possibility of having a sterilised esky off the side with a bit of 70degC water in it that I could drop the grain bag into for 20 minutes after the initial mash. I have seen that some people do it but was looking for some input from an expert.
I think that could be possible with the esky idea and a longer boil with a kilo of Dex or sugar if the recipe calls for it.You will need a long boil and a slight reduced volume to get your numbers.I use a crown urn with a stainless mesh basket which can handle 8 KG max and managed to get 1.1 SG with a volume
of 19L in the fermentor.
I've just got to say that this is a fantastic guide.
I just came on it during my research prior to doing my first BIAB. Cheers Bribie for going to the effort of writing it up all those years ago!
This was the guide that got me started in AG... Dr Smuto's golden Ale. Same brew that has me coming back to brewing ten years later :)

Got a Biab bag from Ross at craft brewer aswell :)

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