Food & Beer Pairing - Are They Serious?

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Ein Stein
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Check out the food and beer pairing suggestions on this. Looks like you can have it with anything except beef.


Handy they pointed it out.

Link to more helpful suggestions: CUB's Food & Beer Pairing

Nothing like a Carlton Cold and some antipasto.
VB and some cigarette butts would go along quite nice.
i'll stop by the bottlo and grab a few to match the moussaka my wife's been cooking all afternoon

As expected cub puts up some baseless dribble instead of useful information. I guess by informing people that it is ok to drink beer with food they will attract people back from wine and craft beer.
ohhhh - dont be so mean. Those recommendations are actually OK - IF - you are limiting yourself to the options that CUB Provide.

Its not like you can expect CUB to give you a recommendation to match someone elses beer with your dinner. I've rarely seen any craft breweries telling you that their beer is a bit shit with X type of food and you should look to someone else... commercial self interest on their (our) own website is hardly corporate evilness at its worst.
i've been wondering what to drink while eating a vegetarian... thanks for the info
I recently made a custom beer label for a case swap and was sure to include food pairing recommendations:

If the big boys eg CUB are on it, I'd like to think I'm a step ahead of them in rejecting the "marketing" notion of pairing - hey maybe 5 years ago guys.

Good try.


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