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Hey Guys, My first attempt was smoking a a rump roast. It tasted good although it was a little leathery.

My second time turned out better. I smoked an 8.5lb packer brisket. It turned out delicious. I used a dry rub with mustard, and basted it with apple juice and cherry juice. My family ate it up and in fact we were out of leftovers in 2 days...

Anyway, Im thinking of smoking another brisket this next weekend for mothers day. Ive had a beer brisket before and it was the best brisket Ive ever had. And so I want to try one. However, I dont drink so I dont know what type of beer to buy. Can anyone suggest some good beers for the brisket? Should I let it soak in beer for 24 hours and inject it with beer? Or should I simply baste it with beer while cooking?

What do ya'll do for beer can brisket? What recipes do you have?

Thanks in advance for any help
I've cooked beef with beer various ways. My main advice is to stay away from anything that has strong hop flavours or bittering. So a commercial Aussie lager would work, but to my tastes the best results were with somewhat dark beers, but not too dark; if you use a stout, use only a little or the roast taste will take over. Coopers Dark Ale would be close to ideal. I'd probably go with A German dunkel and administer the rest of the 500 ml bottle on me.

Marinate and leave some in the pan for slow cooking. Baste with that.

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