Please Help - Oil Content/Slick Preventing Head Formation & Retention in Dark Beer

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Thanks all for your suggestions. If I ever work it out I’ll be sure to report back!


(photo of my recently kegged APA to show that I can brew beers that hold their head 😅)


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My two cents:

Despite the oil content, I've used oats at 7% of grist. No slick, plenty of head. See also A Case for Brewing With Oats - Scott Janish.

Oil content varies. I've seen anywhere from 3% (Briess) to 7% (store brand).

I wondered if some metabolisation and reduction of oils occurs during malting of oats. Didn't find anything.

My suggestion to Luke is to repeat the recipe and sub barley or wheat for the oats. If the slick still forms, report back. If that's a cure, you can blame the oats, but I'm still skeptical. In that case try oats or oat malt from a different source.

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