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after a massive shoulder injury layoff, back on the gf, so thought i'd give it a polish up first,, for gf brew #162.
now have a wee problem -
the cold water hose into the reverse chiller is leaking water into the wort as it goes into the fermenter, so between the flow tap (to the fermenter), and the copper inner piping in the chiller. i am guessing i've broken some sort of seal. i know i pulled out bits of silicone here and there...
so, 2 questions, first, anybody else have the problem?? (tried all sorts of searches but found nothing)
2nd - what is the most likely silicone looking sealant?? loctite 577??
and i'm not sure exactly where it's leaking - where the copper tube slides into the brass sleeve is one possibility among a few.
it leaks about 1L during chiller to fermenter (leaks into wort, into fermenter). doesn't seem to do any harm, apart from watering the beer down a bit.
cheers all


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Torquay, Victoria
Hey everyone! Thanks for having me. Hope this is the appropriate spot to ask this question.
Looking at cold crashing in a GF conical fermenter. Worried about suck back of sanitiser fluid out of the airlock. Was thinking of sealing the fermenter prior to cold crash to avoid this but then worried about creating a vacuum and crushing the fermenter in. Can't find any specs of what negative pressure it will tolerate without damage. Then had a thought that I could add CO2 (and pressure) prior to sealing the fermenter and while googling found the GF conical fermenter pressure transfer device. Does anyone have any experience with this and does it sound crazy to use it this way? Bonus is can do pressure transfer to keg also. Looks like they're about a hundred bucks so not cheap but might be a cool bit of kit. Thanks in advance!
Did you end up getting the GF conical pressure transfer kit?
I had similar thoughts a while back, and ended up making my own (sort of).

Works out a lot cheaper - picked up all the bits for this from Kegland. So what's going on here and why?
- Conical has been sealed with tri-clamp and a small piece of beer line to a carb cap
- Then I have a couple metres of beer line with quick disconnects
- And then I attach to a bottle with a carb cap, and some more beer line that gets submerged in the solution in the bottle **important - the carb cap on the bottle is fitted very loosely, co2 needs to exit here**

It's basically just a fancy blow off tube, but works nicely for me:
- The couple metres of beer line is full of co2 during fermentation, and is enough to take samples and dump yeast/trub without sucking anything but co2 in
- When transferring to keg I just remove the disconnect closest to the lid and push 1-2 psi from my gas tank

I'm not really able to cold crash with my esky setup - I normally drop to around 14C and that doesn't suck in any solution. Would be interesting to see what happens if crashed down further (I do use sterilised water as the solution in the bottle, just in case there is any suck back)

One other advantage is this is slightly quieter than a standard airlock. I did get complaints about noise from an active fermentation in my house!

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