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Hi everyone,

Long time listener, first time caller. Posting here as I don't have privileges to start a thread in the Equipment forum.

About to pull the trigger on a modest BIAB setup from Cheeky Peak. Looking at either the 36L or 50L mash tun single vessel packs and can't decide if it's worth the extra $50 to upgrade to the 50L. Factors to consider are:

- I don't brew a heap and don't drink a heap. A 23L final volume is generally a-ok with me. I could only realistically see utilising the full 50L capacity to re-create a tried and tested thoroughbred in a larger volume.
- I'd like the option of upgrading to a 3V setup one day, space permitting. Will the 36L bite me in the behind when that day arrives?
- Seriously looking into a kegging setup once the BIAB is up and running. To my amateur mind it's probably unrelated, but maybe the experienced heads have encountered changes to how much volume is desired once kegs are in the mix?

I would suggest bigger. Its also handy if you wish to do a high gravity brew that needs more grain etc.

With kegs they fit 19L so you want about 20L finished beer or a little less. I find aiming for 21L in the fermenter works well for me.

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